Popular Garden Offices for 2021
07 January 2021

The Most Popular SMART Garden Rooms for 2021

Garden Rooms are the perfect solution to add extra space and value to your home. It can transform your garden into a place that can be used for a wide range of functions all year round, whatever the weather.

If ever there was a year to bring this sharply into focus, it was 2020. As many adapted to working from home, the garden room quickly climbed to the top of the wish list for 2021.

With seven different ranges available in over 60 sizes, where do you even start your design journey, though? To help, we review our most popular garden offices based on their intended use and aesthetic appeal.

Garden Room

Popular Garden Rooms for Small Gardens

As an outdoor office for an individual, a small garden room is ideal. Even when most businesses return to ‘normal’, there’s still going to be an appetite for working from home. In our 2020 Work from Home Survey, 60% of bosses said that time with family and friends will influence their happiness the most in the next couple of years. Having a secluded, stylish, comfortable outdoor workspace will remain desirable.

So, how do you go about choosing a small garden office? Well, as with all projects of this type, it depends on how you intend to use your outdoor workspace. After all, each SMART Garden Office is built to meet your specific requirements and is therefore as unique as your business.

All seven of our outdoor office ranges are suitable for small gardens, but we recommend starting your journey by looking at the Ultra and Key Studio ranges.

The Ultra Outdoor Office

Starting from an internal floor space of 2.1m by 2.1m, the Ultra is a modern, stylish outdoor office. Beautiful, powerful lines and soft curves intertwine to make a striking design statement for any small garden.

Ultra Office Outside

The Ultra Range offers a beautiful striking design.

At 135mm, the Ultra’s walls are deceptively thick and are fully insulated with a solid substrate to maintain maximum rigidity and robustness. It’ll almost certainly be more comfortable than your home or usual workplace during those long winter months.

With the luxury of floor to ceiling superior glazing, you’ll be perfectly connected with your green surroundings, making for a tranquil place to work. Best of all, if you do find yourself working more from your workplace than at home as the pandemic eases, you’ll be able to transform your space easily.

Many people choose to use their garden office as a multifunctional outdoor workspace. It makes for the perfect yoga studio, home gym, or hobby room.

If you know that you’re likely going to need a little extra floor space, this can all be considered and costed out during a complimentary on-site consultation.

A Warm and Inviting Outdoor Workspace

If, however, you like the idea of a slightly softer, delicate modern outdoor office with a subtle charm starting at just £8,436, a Key Studio may be your best choice.

Key Studio Office in patio garden

The Key Studio Range is incredibly versatile.

The mono pitch roofline and thermowood combine to make a warm and inviting outdoor workspace. The Key Studio’s pressure-treated chassis, double-glazed windows and doors will not require any maintenance for at least 10 years – perfect if you have a small garden.

Best of all, due to SMART’s unique TuSC® construction method, both the Key Studio and Ultra outdoor workspaces can be installed in a matter of days. No-fuss, no mess – just a quick and clean installation.

Popular Garden Rooms for Large Offices

If you have a generous sized garden with a substantial space to fill, your outdoor workspace could be almost anything you want it to be.

Carefully considered and positioned, a sizeable outdoor workspace can add much-needed floor space to your home without the cost and inconvenience of an extension. For example, the Affinity range, available in over 60 sizes, perfectly connects the outdoors with the indoors, which can sometimes get lost in a large garden.  For example, one family chose to transform their large garden room into a fabulous social space for all the family to use, with the addition of a hot tub on the canopy.

Exterior of Affinity Range Garden Rooms

The Affinity Range connects your outdoors to your indoors.

Socialising and relaxing aside, large garden rooms can be an incredibly versatile space if you work in the creative industry.

In 2020, we saw musicians and dance teachers switch their usual workplace in favour of a home studio. A large SMART garden office provides fabulous acoustics. With industry-leading insulation in the walls, floor, and ceiling, a SMART garden room provides a good level of soundproofing.

Likewise, a large outdoor workspace with floor to ceiling glazing can be an inspiring and practical place for an artist or sculpture to work. In fact, SMART’s Key Studio range, with a maximum internal depth of 9.1m, offers a versatile studio space.

Where studio costs can be extortionate in London, there’s a potential cost-saving too, with monthly prices starting from as little as £274 for a two-person office or studio.

Purposefully positioned to capture the sun at precisely the right time of day, an outdoor workspace can be of enormous value. With more than a third of London’s existing studio space expected to vanish by 2024, it also makes practical sense. Depending on your permissions for use, you may even be able to let your outdoor workspace out to other artists.

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If you’re a visual person like us, we can help you throughout the entire design process. There’s absolutely no pressure. We’ll never try and sell you an outdoor workspace that doesn’t support your dreams and aspirations. Instead, we’ll involve you in the design process, and together we’ll create a unique space. One that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Delve into SMART’s world and be inspired by other garden room owners. Simply book a complimentary consultation with us today or download our brochure to get started.