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Do I need a concrete base? Is there a Waiting List?
What about Electrics? How are Smart Garden Offices made?
Do I need Planning Permission? How do I place an order?
Is My Smart Garden Office Movable? What’s the difference between a shed and a garden office?
What is your returns policy?

Do I need a concrete base?

Our home garden office range is designed for simplicity.

With the Micro and Solo ranges, in many locations, you don’t require a concrete base as long as the area is solid, level and well drained.

With the Duo, Trio or Quarto ranges we can prepare a concrete base (or ring beam) prior to the installation of your office if you wish.

Call us on 01359 271942 or 0800 242 5559 to chat through your own chosen location – and we’ll happily visit you to survey your garden and advise you of any ground works or base costs.

We offer the full end-to-end service, from ground works to installation, to electrical connection and commissioning. The costs for these services will be provided on our quotation following your site survey.

What about Electrics?

All SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios offices are fully equipped with integral electric sockets, lighting and consumer unit (fuse box).

We can also arrange our electricians to connect your SMART Garden Office to your household consumer unit (fuse box) by way of an armoured cable. Armoured cable does not normally need to be buried and, often, the electrician will complete the task in around a half a day. Alternatively you can use your own electrician to perform the connection.


  • Micro: 3 double sockets, spotlights, rocker switch, fuse box
  • Solo: 4 double sockets, spotlights, rocker switch, fuse box
  • Duo: 5 double sockets, spotlights, rocker switches
  • Trio: 6 double sockets, spotlights, rocker switches
  • Quarto: 8 double sockets, spotlights, rocker switches

All our garden rooms are internally cabled and are ready for connection and certification by an electrician.

Just call us 0800 242 5559 to discuss your own location – we offer you the complete service – and are always happy to offer friendly advice.

Do I need Planning Permission?

Generally you do NOT need planning permission for a SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios.  Despite a 25-year design life, garden rooms are not considered to be permanent fixtures (as they do not have their own foundations). Being sectional and below 2.5m in height, the SMART range is within the new planning guidelines (October 2008).

However, you may need planning consent if you live in a conservation area or;

  • The building will occupy more than 50% of your garden
  • The building will be located between the home and the highway

Call us 0800 242 5559 to discuss your own circumstances and we’ll provide you with all the advice you need.

Is My Smart Garden Office Movable?


With a SMART Garden Office you enjoy the flexibility of a truly movable building.

This has been ‘designed-in’ and is a key facet of our own proprietary TuSC system.

Our Move & Remove Service

We regularly undertake our move and remove service – we simply require one months’ notice and we can come and disassemble your home garden office, load it back onto our lorry and will redeliver and reassemble at another address the following day.

This gives you the ability to trade-up, sell-on (there’s a ready demand for second hand models) or to simply move on.

Is there a Waiting List?

We pride ourselves on prompt delivery and professional Installation. We endeavour to create your office within 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order. As each one is hand crafted we will advise you of the confirmed production dates when you place your order.

Installation normally is completed in just 1-2 days by our own fully trained and experienced fitters.

How are Smart Garden Offices made?


High spec construction grade timbers and high spec construction grade panel materials are manufactured in our factory and then assembled using our TuSC independent solid socket system. The interlocking nature of this construction means each component adds significantly to the torsion rigidity and structural integrity of the building giving a solid and chunky feel to our buildings.


We manufacture in our own factory, in Suffolk, and use the very latest equipment combined with traditional skills and craftsmanship.

Our manufacturing team consists of experienced and qualified joiners and cabinet makers to ensure quality and attention to detail throughout the process.

All materials are of house-build grade and are environmentally certified. All panel manufacturing is completed in-house, with many ancillary items being hand made. We take special care with every aspect of the construction of your garden office.

This means we offer a 10 year structural warranty on all our buildings.

How do I place an order?

Once you have established your preferred size requirement you can place your order with us by phone, email or face-to-face.

How do I pay for my Smart Garden Office?

How do I pay for my SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios?

We email a full itemised Order Confirmation which you’ll need to check

Our Payment terms:
• A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full purchase price is payable at point of placing the order.
• 45% of the full purchase price is due as cleared funds 1 week prior to commencement of services (either Groundworks or Installation).
• 25% is due as cleared funds strictly on or before the final day of installation of the building.
• 5% balance payment on full satisfactory completion.

During the manufacturing period we’ll keep you up to date on progress – and will send you a reminder the week prior to your installation.

For a full copy of our Terms and Conditions please see  SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios Full Terms and Conditions

What’s the difference between a shed and a garden office?

The fundamental difference between a shed and garden office is the nature of the construction. A shed is designed to store garden implements and therefore does not require a consistent temperature. As a cheap means of garden storage the shed is just perfect.

However the requirements of a garden office space are very different. These can be identified as comfort, security, running costs, presentation and structural integrity.

Simply insulating a shed does not make it a garden room – as this does not address the fundamental security, comfort or running cost issues.

A home garden office must offer a comfortable (suitably spacious, not too hot, not too cold) space all year round and provide suitable security. Windows and doors must be of the same quality as your house otherwise your valuable items will be very exposed to an easy break in.

Similarly, unless you are planning on undertaking regular maintenance, a purpose-built garden office – such as a SMART Garden Office- will reduce the need for expensive and intrusive maintenance.

When insulation and double glazing are used in harmony with each other (and are designed-in) then the running costs of your garden office are much reduced in comparison to working in a shed.

We applaud the term ‘shed-working’ and have hundreds of customers who modestly refer to their SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios as their ‘shed’. We all know that the difference between the two is massive.

What is your returns policy?

Every office that we manufacture is individually specified and personalised to each customer’s choices. Therefore a SMART Garden Office is a non-returnable item once your order confirmation has been issued. A comprehensive copy of our full terms and conditions can be found here: SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios Full Terms and Conditions

In the event that you are looking to move house, your SMART can be easily relocated, transported and re-installed with our Remove and Move service.  If you are looking to sell your SMART, we do receive lots of enquiries for second-hand models of offices and studios and we are happy to assist you with this process, from guide pricing to identifying potential new owners, and we are able to provide a listing on our popular pre-owned page.


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