Using a Garden Office as a Home Music Studio
30 July 2020

Using a Garden Office as a Home Music Studio

Using a Garden Office as a Home Music Studio

With the ever-growing popularity of garden rooms, you may be surprised at the diversity of uses that they are purchased for. You may automatically think of a garden office, but despite being absolutely perfect as a dedicated workspace, they are actually being used for so much more.

With the ability to configure the building to meet all your needs, 365 days a year, and only a stone’s throw from your back door, its no wonder that artists crave them as light and airy art studios, fitness fanatics jump for joy at the thought of their own personal gym, men and woman fantasise about their own man caves and she sheds to retreat to, and book worms love a quiet haven to lose themselves in their latest must have read, or maybe, you just want somewhere to go to enjoy your music, whether that be for business or pleasure.

We have already taken a look at the popularity of man caves through our recent blog and now we are going to take a look at home music studios.

Why Have a Home Music Studio? 

If you are considering setting up your very own home music studio, here are a few reasons why creating one in your garden with a garden room is the perfect solution on so many levels.

One of the main issues that musicians face is logistics. When you rent professional studio space, you will forever be having to move your equipment backwards and forwards which is a real drain on your time and energy. What could be better than having your own dedicated space just a few steps from your back door, where you can simply leave your kit in situ, ready to use whenever the mood takes you.

An obvious benefit is the cost saving. Many recording studios rent by the hour and these hours can soon rack up. Despite an initial outlay for the building, you will find that it will soon pay for itself and then you can invest those savings in your music and your equipment.

Believe it or not, setting up a home music studio is easy to do and doesn’t have to be costly. Modern technology makes creating your very own studio an affordable option and can be as simple as a PC, the right software and a few basic pieces of recording equipment, which we’ll look at in more detail later.

A home recording studio can be a very SMART investment (excuse the pun!) not only for yourself but also for others, especially if you choose to rent it out to other musicians as well as use it yourself.

Garden Music Room

What Equipment is Needed?

If you not only plan to use your home music studio for pleasure, but also want to use it professionally, then let us take a look at what equipment is needed for a home recording studio.

The biggest expense is likely to be a computer with a Digital Audio Workstation and an Audio Interface.  The Digital Audio Workstation is the software program that allows you to record, edit and mix songs on your computer. The Audio Interface is the hardware that allows you to connect your other equipment and instruments to the computer.

Although this might already sound expensive, the good news is that you don’t need a top spec PC to record music on and many suppliers will supply this as a bundle at a cheaper price than if you were to buy individually.

Microphones and headphones are a must in the list of requirements for recording studio equipment and there are many types available in the marketplace; from low frequency to high frequency microphones to open back or closed back headphones.

Over time as you develop your studio, you can also add other equipment such as a microphone stand for better audio quality, a filter to sharpen up vocals and perhaps even a studio monitor so that you can hear yourself while you are performing in your studio.

Garden Room Belle Range

Your Home Studio Design

Now that we’ve sorted out the why and how, we just need to focus on the where and there are some definite no-no’s when choosing the right space.

It is advisable to avoid small spaces, rooms with poor acoustics, spaces that are close to noise sources and those with bad flooring, which is why a dedicated garden room would make the perfect space for a home music studio.

The best spaces are square shaped rooms so that there are a limited number of walls for the sound to bounce off. The area should be as large as possible and clutter free. Pick a space that is away from the street, public pathways and the family to avoid noisy distractions! Choose the right flooring for the best noise absorption; concrete, hardwood or ceramic tiles are popular options.

With a bespoke garden room, you will be able to create a perfect space in a secluded spot. You can even add additional soundproofing if needed. With industry leading insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling, a SMART garden room will already offer you a good level of soundproofing but there are other options open to enhance this, such as; noise reduction insulation, acoustic glass, sound deadening fabrics or foam tiles, and believe it or not, you can even stick egg boxes to your walls!


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There is no denying that it wouldn’t be difficult to create a home music studio with all the essentials that you need, and better still, you don’t need a big budget to do it.

All you need to ensure is that you create your studio in the right place and that the equipment you purchase is suitable for your needs. It will also be a great investment not only in terms of money, but also in time and creativity, especially if you are currently using a rented studio.

SMART has installed thousands of garden rooms over the past 19 years. With 7 beautiful and diverse ranges available in up to 64 sizes, there is a SMART to suit every taste, garden size and budget.

With a SMART garden room, you have the ability to create a home music room that is bespoke to you, configured exactly as you would like. With a whole host of optional extras and upgrades, the only thing that will limit you is your imagination.

All SMART’s boast full thermal insulation, UNLIMITED double glazing, a 10-year structural warranty and professional installation, with prices starting from as little as £7,944

Start planning your home music room today and order a copy of our brochure, where you’ll discover what makes our garden rooms the SMART choice.