Why You Need a Garden Room in 2021
31 December 2020

Why You Need a Garden Room in 2021

2020 has changed so much of what we do and, in many ways, made us more reflective. For many people, it was the year that brought health, wellbeing, and family sharply into focus, changing the very fabric on how we live and work.

Garden Room Work Space

At SMART Garden Offices, our garden room design and installation team has been busy responding to client briefs. We’ve brought garden office dreams to life and made the garden room a tranquil place to reconnect the body and mind.

With 2021 just a few hours away, what better way to spend this New Year’s Eve than imagining yourself within the sanctuary of a beautifully designed Garden Room? Somewhere to bring your New Year’s Resolution to life. The gym could be on your doorstep and your office finally separated from the house!

What can your Garden Room be used for?

An outdoor room is a superb way to gain the space you need to indulge in your New Year’s Resolution without the hassle of moving or adding an extension.

As an outdoor living space, you could use your garden room for any number of functions. January is the perfect time to ponder how you will use your outdoor room throughout the year. After all, a garden roomis not just for Christmas, it’s for use all year round.

Office space

Top of the list for 2021 is a garden office. If you are desk-based and have been forced to work from home this year, you may not have the luxury of a designated place to work. A purposefully designed outdoor room created to your exact specification, could completely change your work-life dynamic. With monthly financing an option, the amount you save from not commuting could contribute to or even cover the entire cost of your garden office.

garden office interior

Garden Rooms are often used as office space

A safe space for business

Perhaps you’re an osteopath or a beautician looking to branch off on your own in the New Year? Rather than inviting people into your home, an outdoor living space gives you a safe and peaceful place to treat your clients. Free from the distractions of the home, a SMART garden room is far more inviting, spacious, and easier to keep clean and tidy.

Home Gym

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you may be feel more comfortable working out from the comfort of your own home gym in 2021. If you’re looking for somewhere to house all your equipment, an outdoor room be the perfect solution. This will eliminate the inconvenience of having to work-out around your local gym’s opening times.

You’ll be far away from judgement and peering eyes of others too, especially when you’re a beginner. It doesn’t have to be purely gym related activity either. Whatever wellbeing regime you’re into, from yoga to boxing, your garden room is a secluded and comfortable place to focus on your body and mind.

Garden Room gym interior

Garden Rooms can so easily be used as gyms!

New hobbies

We all have that elusive hobby or dream – that novel or painting we want to start, or the new craft we want to learn. With an intentionally designed outdoor living space, you’ll be able to get started on your new project. A garden room enables you to be truly indulgent. With everything under the one roof, you can give your full attention to your passion, free from distraction.

Train Hobby Room

Use your outdoor room as a hobby room. Just like this train room.

Garden retreat

Of course, the beauty of having a dedicated outdoor living space is that it’s in the garden. There’s nothing more restful for the mind than relaxing in the calm surrounds of nature. When we’re finally able to meet loved ones again, just think how nice it will be to welcome them into your new garden roomretreat.

Everyone needs a little downtime now and again. Consider how nice it will be to offer your new outdoor room out as a space to anyone in your family who needs a quiet, relaxing environment to recharge. You won’t have to work hard to sell the concept!

When can your Garden Room Be Used?

You’re going to love this part. The answer is all year round. If you treat yourself to a garden room this January, you’ll discover just how versatile this type of outdoor living space can be.

SMART’s garden rooms are built with industry-leading insulation and double-glazed doors and windows. The insulation is placed into all building elements; the floor, the walls, and the ceiling to ensure excellent thermal retention. Therefore, your garden room will offer much the same comfort as your indoor space, just without the cost of having to heat the entire house. This makes it the perfect place to spend those winter days, nestled in your garden, peacefully observing the beauty of your surroundings.

You could make 2021 a year to remember. Whilst we’re not quite there yet with being able to invite friends and family over, it will hopefully not be too long. If you purchase a garden room early in the year, you’ll be ready to celebrate in style when permitted.

Your outdoor living space allows you to make those all-important 2021 festivities even more special. You could host an Easter-egg hunt in the Spring, celebrate birthdays, have a BBQ, cosy up during fireworks night, and even throw a Christmas and New Year’s party to remember!

How to Get Yourself a Garden Room

As SMART Garden Offices, we’ve made purchasing a garden room or garden office as simple as possible. The only limit to designing the perfect garden room is the imagination, and our designers can help with that.

Designed for you

All our garden room projects start with a complimentary, no-obligation, on-site consultation. This generally takes between 60-90 minutes, where we consider how you would like to use your new space.

One of our highly-experienced design consultants will assess your site, including access and the chosen location, to ensure that your garden room will fit and can be installed on your site. They will then sit with you, involve you in the design of your outdoor living space, discuss all options available to you, answer any questions you may have, and provide indicative costs. A formal quotation will follow within a couple of days.

Usually, you can expect your garden room to be installed within 6-8 weeks, although this is dependent on the COVID-19 situation at the time. We always keep in close contact with our clients though, and work to a schedule that suits you.


Order Your Brochure

Whatever you want to use your garden room for in 2021, there is a perfect combination of exclusive features just for you.

Currently, SMART Garden Offices can supply outdoor living spaces with up to 30 square metres of internal usable floor space.

There are seven stunning ranges available in over 60 different sizes, with 13 colours, 7 double-glazed window styles, three types of door, a range of sleek rooflines, internal and external lighting options, hardwood, or carpeted flooring, decking, and a range of contemporary bespoke furniture to choose from.

Simply download a copy of our brochure to get your year off to a great start!