Using a Garden Office as a Home Yoga Studio
12 August 2020

Using a Garden Office as a Home Yoga Studio

Using a Garden Office as a Home Yoga Studio

Setting up a home yoga studio offers many benefits for the mind and soul, taking your yoga practice to a completely new level. It gives you an ideal space to nourish your mind and body, making yoga part of your everyday routine.

Here we share some tips and advice for setting up a home yoga studio, the most important being a clean, open and inviting space you can feel at one in. After all, yoga is not purely about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself!


Benefits of Yoga

If you’re looking for reasons to create a small home yoga space, you don’t have to look far. As any yoga practitioner will tell you, they sleep better, get far fewer colds, and generally feel more relaxed and at ease with life. If you ask them for a deeper explanation of the health benefits, they might tell you that it “drains your lymph nodes and boosts immunity” or “enhances your prana flow”.

One of the most noticeable health benefits a small home yoga space gives you is improved flexibility. With practice comes a gradual loosening of the muscles and sinews of the body, and eventually, that elusive pose is satisfyingly possible.

Effortlessly escaping to your small home yoga space improves your muscle strength, which can help protect against arthritis and back pain, and can even reverse some of the effects of aging.

The important thing to remember with yoga is that at the same time you build strength, you also improve your balance and flexibility. If you were to simple weight-lift at the gym, you would build muscle at the expense of flexibility. Now, that’s a pretty good reason to invest in a small home yoga space.

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it balances the mind too. It’s a great stress reliever as it helps control the response of HPS to stress. Through controlled breathing, you teach your body how to release stress.


Why Choose a Home Yoga Studio?

There are lots of gyms and individual practitioners offering yoga sessions, so why choose to create your own home yoga studio?

Well, the most obvious reason is the ease of access. Regularly practising from your home yoga studio – even for just five or ten minutes a day – will have a positive impact over time. The more you’re able to practice, the more prepared you’ll be to navigate your way through life’s storms.

Our lives are remarkably busy. Having a space you can take relaxation to the next level is not only inviting but a lifelong investment. According to studies, people who practice yoga and meditate regularly have 30% more telomerase enzyme activity than those who do not. Telomerase helps decrease the signs of ageing. This means you’ll have even longer to enjoy your home yoga studio!

Once you’ve settled on where you want your home yoga studio to be, you don’t have much financial outlay on equipment either. Most people will simply need a yoga mat, yoga bolsters, yoga blocks, resistance bands or straps, and items for your Altar space (more on this in a moment).

Exterior of Key Studio Range Garden Office

Your own yoga retreat

Designing Your Small Home Yoga Space

You’ll want to open your mind to the possibilities of bringing the outside-in when creating a small home yoga space. A garden office can offer the perfect setting because it creates a symbiotic connection with nature. With clean and crisp architectural lines and floor to ceiling glazing, your garden office can become your very own retreat.

Imagine carefully placing your Altar (or Puja) against soft cedar panelling with the subtle trickle of sunlight, and you’ll already feel a sense of calm.

Choose warm, soothing colours. Any Yoga teacher will recall how the body’s chakras are directly affected by different colours. If we’re surrounded by colour that drains our chakras of energy, it’s that much harder to balance the mind and body. Therefore lighter tones of pink and natural light forest greens are chosen for a garden office used for yoga practice. Try and avoid anything that makes too much of a statement. Red, for example, wouldn’t be a great choice of colour for a small home yoga space.

To create a sense of space and being at one, natural lighting is important. It’s every yogi’s dream to practice under the crisp morning sunshine, which is why yoga is often held outside in hotter climates. Likewise, natural flooring is a great choice as it helps the mind focus on the practice. The last thing you want when balancing is a slippery or uncomfortable floor. Natural flooring is soft, yet firm underfoot.

Creating a small home yoga studio like those pictured below means you can design your own tranquil space.

Leisurely interior of Garden Office

Design your garden room the way you want

Let Us Help You Design Your Yoga Haven

If you’re ready to create your home yoga studio and a garden office is for you, you’ll want the flexibility to design a space that works for you and your lifestyle.

At SMART Garden Offices, we have seven purposefully designed ranges (starting at £7,788) for you to choose from, available in up to 64 sizes. This means we can accommodate your very exacting space requirements. Our CAD/CAM technology will help turn your vision into reality. We’ll consider where the sun rises and sets, how much natural sunlight you want, and architectural features that compliment your yoga lifestyle.

With a SMART garden office, you’ll never feel the bite of winter or the burn of summer. Our garden offices have been thoughtfully designed to be comfortable all year round. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all our products.

To start exploring your home yoga studio options, please order a copy of our brochure.