How to heat your Garden Room this Winter!
24 November 2023

How to heat your Garden Room this Winter!

Keeping your Garden Room Warm this Winter!

As the nights are pulling in and the temperatures are dropping, Winter is just around the corner. Keeping your SMART Garden Room cosy and warm is vital to being able to use it all year round, ensuring you get the most out of your garden room. We are here to tell you how you can keep in the heat and enjoy your outdoor space, even on the coldest of nights, BBRR.



Insulated Garden Rooms

Lucky for you, our SMART Garden Rooms are fully insulated at NO extra cost. Using high quality insulation and construction methods, our garden rooms will feel like just a room in your house but still a separate space in your garden! Having an insulated garden room allows all year-round use, whether that is for a garden office or and entertainment space, you can use it not only just for Summer but through to Winter too. All our ranges are fully insulated, which you can explore by clicking here. 


Double Glazed Windows and Doors

With all our garden rooms, our doors and windows are double glazed, meaning they are energy efficient and keep the heat within your garden room, whilst still letting in the natural light into your outdoor space. Not only that, but here at SMART we offer unlimited windows on your garden room (except our FORGE Range). Yes, you heard us right, unlimited windows and don’t forget you can choose from a 2m sliding, double and single door as standard.


Wall Mounted Radiator

As standard, our garden rooms all come with a wall mounted radiator to help keep your garden room insulated and provide more heat for you. Time to crank the heating on, but don’t worry you won’t be needing it on full blast!


Climate Control

If you still feel like Jack Frost and want more warmth for your garden room building, then we have another option for you! Climate Control is a brilliant option to have, not only does it radiate heat throughout the building, but you can always use it is as air conditioning. This means that your garden room is suited for all year-round use, so you can get the most out of it!



Underfloor heating

We also offer underfloor heating as an extra option for your garden room building with laminate flooring. You can pick from 4 different colours for your laminate flooring, where we will install the underfloor heating accompanied with a Wi-Fi controller, allowing you to control the temperature to your desired warmth. Your toes will be kept and nice warm this winter!


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Whether you’re in the process of designing your SMART Garden Room or already have one and are looking for extra warmth this Winter, you can add these optional extras on!

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