WOW, it’s truly stunning. To come home to it tonight made my heart sing, the team have been amazing, please thank them for us, they were a joy to have around and their talent with this end product is hugely impressive, as is the whole service from you all at Smart to date.
Mrs M – July 2021

The definition of ‘Affinity®’ is a liking for, or an attraction to something, or a connection, and this sums up our new range perfectly.

The ‘AFFINITY®’ range is a striking, sensual and stylish garden room, full of grandeur and elegance, that enables it to work in perfect harmony with your garden, offering you a truly unique and versatile space.

The Building

The irregular, vertical larch cladding provides the building with a modern and thoughtful style, which truly sets it apart from our other six unique ranges.

The welcoming front portico with integral decking shapes the garden studio and entices you into this amazing building.

The Canopy

The truly stunning feature of this garden studio is the add-on canopy complete with a decking platform and LED downlighting, providing you the ability to install a garden room with space to work, rest or play, no matter what the weather.

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Looking for a Living Space?

You can now upgrade the SMART Affinity for extra living space – click HERE to find out more

The Affinity® Range Features

Roof lines

The Affinity® range provides the most versatility of all our designs. With a hidden roof as standard and the optional add-on canopy, this range truly does offer the perfect solution to your work/life balance.

Hidden roof is included in the price.


The Affinity® range provides the most versatility of all our designs. With a hidden roof as standard and the optional add-on canopy with in-built decking, this range truly does offer the perfect solution to combining inside and outside living.

The Canopy can be supplied in 2m or 3m extensions and can be fully open or fully enclosed.

Prices vary

Portico Entrance

Like the Ultra range, the Affinity® also has a ‘portico’ entrance. This clever hooded entrance makes the building more welcoming and draws everyone in.

Included in the price.

Exterior Cladding

The Affinity® boasts an eye-catching exterior with its irregular vertical cladding in larch. This stunning finish gives each building a striking and defined appearance unlike many other contemporary styled buildings.

Included in the price.

Windows & Doors

Supplied with high quality black or grey UPVC double glazed windows and doors as standard. 28mm sealed units with low e-glass, manufactured to current building regulations with high specification security and environmental accreditation.

Alternative colours are available, along with the freedom to add as little or as much glass as you like, where you like.

Black or grey UPVC, single or double doors and unlimited double glazing is included in the price.

Lights & Fittings

Supplied with LED downlights internally, light switches (rockers or dimmers), electrical sockets and a fuse board, all ready for electrical connection.

The canopy is provided with LED downlights.

Internal lights and fittings are included in the price.

Canopy external lights are included in the canopy price.


No matter what you use your space for there is a flooring option to suit, choose from:

(1) 5 laminate flooring options for a modern and contemporary finish
(2) A wide variety of carpet colours for a warm and cosy interior
(3) A durable luxury wood effect vinyl for strength and easy maintenance

All options are included in the price.

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SMART® – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios are factory-built first and then assembled in your garden by our own team of professional fitters.

Due to our unique TuSC® construction method, our buildings are brought onto site panel by panel and can be installed in as little as 1-2 days for our smaller buildings and up to 5 days for our larger ones. No fuss, no mess – just a quick and clean installation causing minimal disruption.


  Internal Width
Internal Depth 2.1m 2.6m 3.2m 3.7m 4.3m 4.8m 5.3m 5.8m 6.4m 6.9m 7.5m 8.0m 8.5m 9.1m
2.1m £16,900 £17,900 £18,900 £19,900 £20,650 £21,650 £22,150 £23,150 £23,650 £24,650 £26,150 £26,650 £27,650 £28,150
2.6m £17,900 £18,900 £19,900 £21,650 £22,150 £23,650 £24,650 £25,150 £26,650 £27,650 £29,150 £29,650 £30,650 £32,150
3.2m £18,900 £19,900 £21,650 £23,150 £24,650 £25,150 £26,650 £28,150 £29,150 £30,650 £32,150 £33,650 £34,150 £35,650
3.7m £19,900 £21,650 £23,150 £24,650 £26,150 £27,650 £29,150 £29,650 £32,150 £33,650 £35,150 £36,650  x  x
4.3m £20,650 £22,150 £24,650 £26,150 £27,650 £29,650 £31,150 £32,650 £35,150 £36,650  x  x  x  x


Price includes: Hidden roof, portico entrance, Popular 1 or Popular 2 interior, UPVC single, double or 2m sliding patio doors and unlimited double glazing, wall mounted radiator, internal LED downlights and rocker or dimmer switches, electric sockets, internal wiring and fuse board, external puddle lighting and guttering.

Canopy Options

The Affinity® range can be supplied with an ‘add-on’ canopy complete with decking platform and LED downlighting. The rear wall of the canopy can be solid or left open – see pricing below

Solid Back Canopy Wall

  Width of Canopy
Depth of Building 1m 2m 3m 4m
2.1m £1,095 £2,780 £4,580 £6,420
2.6m – 3.2m £2,190 £3,275 £5,355 £7,445
3.7m – 4.3m £2,435 £3,805 £6,140 £8,465


Open Canopy

  Width of Canopy
Depth of Building 1m 2m 3m 4m
2.1m £1,640 £2,250 £3,805 £5,390
2.6m – 3.2m £1,940 £2,750 £4,585 £6,410
3.7m – 4.3m £2,180 £3,285 £5,355 £7,440

** Price does not include a suitable base or electric connection. SMART® deliver and install to all mainland UK addresses. Surcharges may apply.

You could pay as little as £277 per month with our finance option.

We only ask for a minimum 10% deposit, after which there is nothing to pay for either 6 or 12 months after your building has been installed!

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The SMART Configurator

The SMART configurator allows you to easily design your perfect SMART garden room, tailored to your exact requirements, bringing your dream to life.

Once created, you can then view your perfect garden room in your very own garden through our unique and industry breaking AR app.

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