26 February 2019

Explore Our SMART Lighting Options

Our SMART Garden Offices are specifically built to allow you to curate and personalise your garden room, man cave, orangery or studio, to reflect your personality, style and requirements. We’re all about making sure your dream room is all about…YOU! That’s right; each and every corner! And since we’re currently in the midst of winter...
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05 February 2019

The SMART Classroom

Smart classrooms are the future! With smart whiteboards, smart screens and even smart lighting, there’s certainly no more room for an ‘old school’ blackboard! However, we’re not talking about that sort of classroom, we’re talking about a SMART classroom – and in our case, it’s not what you put inside the classroom, it is the...
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31 January 2019

The Almighty Man Cave

Or as Wikipedia suggested, Man Mansions, Man Spaces, Manctuaries… OK, on second thoughts, perhaps it’s best we stick with ‘man caves’! This type of space has become increasingly common during the last decade and it really isn’t difficult to see why. A space that’s all yours to escape, indulge in hobbies or simply watch the...
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21 January 2019

The SMART Garden… Beauty Room

In our latest catalogue, we featured one of our favourite SMART Garden Rooms. Why was it one of our favourites? Well, our client has turned her brand new Ultra into a beauty sanctuary for her beauty business – and we are over moon with the results. The design and functionality has slotted perfectly into every...
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02 January 2019

Designing The Perfect SMART Garden Gym

Resolutions are being made, goals are being set, and we’re ready to start 2019 the right way! Are you? We’re talking about you, the person that has resolved to get fitter and healthier this year, or perhaps to continue on your fitness journey. Our SMARTS can be used as the perfect home gym, and will...
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06 December 2018

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Garden Office?

The simple and short answer here is no, you don’t. Our SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios are purposefully designed to not require planning permission. However, though we have created our products to be as planning permission-friendly as possible – there are a few exceptions to the rule: Our high line roof option would require...
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