26 July 2022

SMART sharpens its market-leading offer with key digital hire  

SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios, the leading Suffolk manufacturer of quality outdoor buildings, has announced the successful recruitment of its first-ever digital director.    Dan Bowler joined the Thurston-based company recently, having previously acted as SMART’s digital marketing consultant via his own company Norris Media (formally Premier Digital Marketing). In that time, Dan has helped...
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11 July 2022

SMART Donates New School Music Pod    

“Music to our ears” Suffolk company donates new school music pod  When a growing Suffolk school found itself short of rooms and facilities because of rising pupil numbers, SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios, the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality outside buildings, was one of a number of organisations which came to their aid.  Sir...
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01 July 2022

The 5 Best Garden Office Pod Design Ideas

If you’ve been looking at modern garden office ideas, you’ll already be familiar with the term ‘garden room’ but how about a garden pod? As the name suggests, the garden pod is compact, yet perfectly proportioned and cleverly designed to work from home. As a small garden office, the garden pod neatly houses everything you...
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27 June 2022


SMART celebrates Suffolk Day with a ceremony  SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios, the leading Suffolk-based manufacturer of quality outdoor buildings this week (21 June) hosted a gathering of staff, clients and local dignitaries to celebrate the opening of its Thurston-based showroom.  Founded over two decades ago and successfully acquired through a management buyout in 2019...
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09 June 2022

How to Create a Garden Office on a Budget

With the average commute to and from work costing more than £5,000 per year from some train journeys and £4,800 for a car commute, the garden office is fast becoming more than just an affordable option. For many workers and self-employed contractors, it’s the best option, both financially and personally. Buying a garden office is...
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26 May 2022

How to Create the Best Garden Office

In a lifetime, you can expect to work almost 85,000 hours, which on an average 35 hour week adds up to 1,795 hours per year before retirement. So, it’s important that the time you spend at work is pleasurable and doesn’t eat into too much of your family time. Thankfully, post-pandemic, we now live and...
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12 May 2022

Looking to Add Value to Your Home?… Try a Garden Room

Fully insulated garden rooms transform redundant outside space into luxurious outdoor living areas. By adding purposeful square footage to your home, you create the garden office you’ve been longing for, the hobby room you’ve always wanted or the entertaining hub you can’t wait to debut. These are all very good reasons to purchase a modern...
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14 April 2022

7 Modern Summer House Ideas You’ll Love

When deciding on the modern summer house ideas that’ll work best in your garden, you’ll certainly never be spoilt for inspiration. Whether you want a family space that you can use all year round, somewhere quiet you can retreat to, a productive workspace or gym, or a garden bar, there’s so much you can do....
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