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Our Heritage

We’re incredibly proud of our heritage as we were the first dedicated garden office company and have grown to become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, creating garden rooms, offices and studios to the highest of quality.

Smart Garden Rooms Factory Birds Eye View

We commenced in 2001 with the launch of the first ever mainstream garden office building and have grown our range of buildings ever since. In 2006, we became SMART GARDEN OFFICE®, and in 2019 we rebranded to SMART® Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios to reflect our mission: “To design, manufacture and install the very best garden rooms”.

We remain a fully independent business completely focused on the manufacture of high-quality garden rooms. Unlike most of our competitors, we run our own factory, vehicles and of course, our own teams of highly skilled individuals.

Thurston, Suffolk is the home of SMART® and is where our manufacturing hub is located, where we manufacture our industry leading garden rooms before delivering them across the whole of Mainland UK.

Manufacturing Excellence – CAD/CAM:

SMART® garden rooms are a product of innovation, combining raw materials, traditional craftsmanship, CAD/CAD technology and our very own unique TuSC™ construction method meaning that we can produce a high-quality product that can be installed on site in a matter of days.

CAD Technology in Factory

Our manufacturing hub in Suffolk is full of expert joiners and craftsmen and all the latest technology, toCutting Wood on Machine ensure every building we create is of excellent quality.

Our CNC machine uses CAD/CAM technology for manufacturing precision and is the best technology out there for creating SMART® garden rooms, offices & studios. We use intelligent, insightful design, only high-quality materials and crucially, deploy our craftsmanship and professionalism in every aspect, every day.

TuSC™ stands for Torsional Socketed Chassis and was developed in-house at SMART®, so is unique to (and protected) by us. Fundamental to the design of all SMART® buildings, TuSC™ construction brings class-leading strength and rigidity through clever engineering and design. TuSC™ also allows us to manufacture all components here in our own factory and then simply assemble them on site, reducing build time, on site headaches and cost.

This construction method also enables us to offer limitless configurations, enormous structural strength and an extended lifespan.

Garden Rooms & Installations:

We are incredibly proud here at SMART® that we are involved in every step of your garden room journey. We take our responsibility very seriously and it is important to us that your building meets your expectations in every way.

SMART Garden Rooms FactoryOur Suffolk Factory

We design, manufacture, and install all of our SMART® garden rooms, offices & studios – offering an end-to-end service. Every design created is unique to your needs, and we provide you with all the tools you require to design your perfect space.

All SMART® Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios are factory-built first and then assembled in your garden. Each building is delivered in component form by our own specially adapted vehicles.

This is a truly ‘low impact’ building process, extremely quick with minimal noise and negligible disruption to you or your neighbours.



Ultra Garden Room Range

Why Choose SMART®?

Here at SMART® we have spent many years developing the best possible service for our customers, designed to make building a garden studio as easy as possible and to take the hard work off your hands by managing the process from start to finish.

SPECIALISM: As specialists, we offer garden rooms, offices & studios that are designed and built for purpose – not merely a variant of a shed, stable, lodge or garden cabin. With over 20 years’ experience you can be assured that we really do know what we are doing.

PURPOSE DESIGN: There should be no compromises with your garden room. We started with a blank sheet of paper, with one aim; ‘to create the very best garden office range’. That goal has never changed, and we are as dedicated today as we’ve always been.

PERSONALISATION: Our sole aim as the UK’s leading garden room manufacturer is to create you your perfect garden space and every building that we design can be personalised to your exact requirements. With 7 unique ranges, available in 64 sizes, with a whole host of upgrades and optional extras, the only limit will be your imagination.

AFFORDABILITY: Every SMART® is manufactured in our own 5000 sq.ft factory in Suffolk, meaning you can enjoy all the price advantages of purchasing directly from the manufacturer, not a middle man. You gain all the advantages of a high-quality manufactured product, built to your specification, at unbeatable value for money.

SPEED & EFFICIENCY: Our TuSC construction allows us to create 90% of every building in the our 5000 sq.ft factory, with the final 10% being installed on site, in just a matter of days. Therefore, a SMART® installation is a quick and easy solution, causing minimal disruption and minimal mess.

LOW MAINTENANCE: As you would expect with a SMART® building, all of our products are designed with minimal maintenance in mind and our unique interior panelling system also ensures that there will be no cracking or remedial works required internally.

THE FULL SERVICE: It’s not always about finding the right product, finding the right service is as equally important and we are here to assist you at every step of the way, whether that is; advising you on the design of your perfect space, managing a planning application, carrying out the any groundworks or making the electrical connection.

FRIENDLY & APPROACHABLE: We love garden rooms and know quite a lot about them.

We’d love to chat to you about them too – by phone, email or face to face. It’s all free – and without obligation.

We will make sure you make the right choice – even if that means you don’t choose us.

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