Multifunctional Garden Rooms
30 April 2020

Multifunctional Garden Rooms

When SMART Garden Offices first started out more than 14 years ago, our buildings were mainly sold as garden offices, but over the past few years there has been a definite shift in the usage of these stunning rooms.

Our buildings are getting bigger so that they can be used as multi-functional spaces, enabling the lucky owners to get much more use out of their investments.

Here we take a look at some of our amazing installations to give you inspiration as to what you could use your very own SMART garden room for – whether you live in London, Suffolk, Scotland, Wales or anywhere on the UK mainland.


Our new range, The Affinity, was purposely dGarden Room London - Affinity Rangeesigned with a better work/life balance in mind. So it provides both an internal and external space in one go!

Whether you want to use the internal space to work in, paint in, exercise in, or just as a relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, by adding a canopy, it adds even more options.

With LED downlighters and decking veranda, the canopy is a wonderful space to catch your breath, relax or entertain in, no matter what the weather.

Add some outside furniture or even a hot tub to really make the most of this amazing building.


Many of our customers want to combine work and exercise, so have set up office/gyms. Here we take a look at a fantastic Affinity office/gym, nestled beautifully in this garden in Suffolk.

Garden gyms UK - Affinity rangeThis customer has taken full advantage of the minimalist look and opted for our fantastic new flush interior with an optional feature wall. It’s kitted out with everything he needs for work, plus his treadmill and bench.

We are reliably informed that there is nothing he likes better than to spend time on his treadmill while taking phone calls – what a great way to work and exercise all at the same time!


One of our favourite installs was for Ben Coomber, a local nutritionist/coach/educator. Ben was looking for a space to run his three companies from and he chose one of our stunning Suffolk Barns to reside over the amazing panoramic views of his local countryside.Garden office - Suffolk Barn

From this hub he can work, store his nutritional products, relax and read and also film his very popular podcasts.

Garden Rooms London - Suffolk BarnBen chose a stunning glass gabled end as this side of the building overlooks the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

He has divided up his large space into sections that allow him to get the most out of his wonderful new space.


Garden office base - Crystal Property Cleaning ServicesRUNNING A BUSINESSGarden Rooms London - Crystal Property Cleaning Services

Another fantastic multi-functional space was installed for Crystal Property Cleaning Services. Anna, the owner, needed a large office for her and her staff as well as having an area that they could carry out cleaning and storage, so we created this amazing Ultra.Garden office Suffolk - Crystal Property Cleaning Services

By partitioning off an area to the right and installing a second external door, and then creating two partitioned areas – one for a toilet and one for a small kitchenette – we were able to provide Anna with everything that she needed for her growing business.

Once the installation was completed Anna then employed the services of a local plumber to install the sanitary ware.

Garden rooms London - Ultra rangeCRAFT/LEISURE ROOM

This wonderful Ultra was installed in Hertford as a ‘girls-only’ space!She sheds - garden rooms London

As you can see it is now set up as a sewing room, craft room and leisure space away from the rest of the family.  Somewhere Mrs T can go to escape her house full of boys!

Designed with a floor to ceiling glass pane and double doors opening into the garden, this really is a wonderfully light and airy space to sit and work in or just relax.

Garden studio - garden rooms LondonInstalling a garden room is a very quick, cost efficient and hassle-free way to add extra space. Installed in just two to three days and with a 10-year structural warranty, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to garden rooms instead of extending or moving.

If you would like an extra space to work from, exercise from, carry out your hobbies or just to leave the world behind – check out what SMART can do for you.

We have installed our high-quality garden rooms in London, Hertford, Suffolk and all parts of the UK mainland. Click here or call us on 0800 242 5559 for more information.