Using Your Garden Room as a Hobby Room
13 November 2020

Using Your Garden Room as a Hobby Room

If you’re running low on space in your home, yet you want a dedicated area to indulge in your hobby, a garden room is a great solution.

Hobbies are a fabulous way to relax and let you explore your creativity, especially after a hard day at work. It’s fair to say though, it’s not always easy to contain your hobby in the home environment. Equipment gets lost and once a hobby starts taking over the home, it’s not quite as soothing to the soul anymore.

Having a garden room installed can be a great way to nurture your hobby. Whether your interest is writing, dress making, crafts, painting, model building or photography, there’s a garden room for you.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Hobby Room

The most obvious advantage of having a garden room for your hobbies is that everything can be stored in one place. You’ll no longer be stepping on pins, tripping over gym equipment, or looking for the glue. More importantly, this means no more packing up at the end of each session. You can simply slip back into your garden room and take off from where you left your project.

Having your own creative space is another perk of a garden room.  Blissfully content in the silence of your own company, without interruption, you can really indulge in your hobby. Simply close yourself off to the outside world and get creating!

If your hobby involves lots of kit, you’ll also free up space within your home. The spare room can once again be used for guests or an office – the point is that your garden room is just that, another room!


Hobby Room Examples

We could come up with countless hobby room examples from clients who have transformed their SMART garden room into a hobby room. Here are just a few ideas for inspiration.

Writing Room

If you’ve always wanted to write that novel or perhaps have a keen interest in documenting local history, you’ll appreciate peace and quiet. Having your own writer’s hobby room could prove to be a sanctuary. You could surround yourself with framed quotes from favourite authors, have a comfortable desk for quick typing and a break-out area for when you want to put pen to paper. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better environment to inspire your writing than being surrounded by nature.  Many of the World’s most famous authors take their inspiration from the countryside.

Music Studio

One of the main issues that musicians face is logistics. If you currently rent a professional studio space, you’ll be familiar with having to lug your instruments back and forwards. An outdoor hobby room can take away this hassle. What’s more, it enables you to play and compile music whenever you wish, and over time, can save you money as you say goodbye to studio rental.

The best spaces are square shaped garden rooms since there are a limited number of walls for music to bounce off. Your area should be as large as possible and clutter free, as we explored in our music studio blog earlier this year. You also need to make sure you choose a well-insulated garden room – one that offers suitable noise reduction.

Art studio

As we explored in a previous blog, garden rooms can be a great hobby room for aspiring artists. Whether you’re a painter, potter or sculptor, the natural light afforded by a garden room can really work to your advantage. Full-length glass allows for maximum light and with high-quality insulation, it’s a space that can be used all year.

Arts and Crafts Garden Room

Arts and crafts rooms great uses of garden rooms

Sewing room

Now, sewing is a hobby that comes with a lot of equipment – there are the offcuts of materials, patterns, accessories, books, scissors, and hundreds of kinds of cotton, let alone the sewing machine. A hobby room is quite literally heaven for anyone who knows how much space you need to prep and sew.

Crafts room

Here’s a hobby room that could work for every family member who loves a bit of art and crafts. With plenty of space for storage, you can have a very practical, vibrant crafts room. You can even branch out onto the decking area in warmer weather and get creating in the sun.

Model trains

It can be difficult to find a space to house your model trains. It seems such a shame for your work to be hidden away in the garage, or worse, the loft. A hobby room in the garden is a fantastic idea. It’s completely indulgent and a wonderful way to unwind and work on your latest addition. It’s also a bit of a showstopper when you invite friends to see your creation.


Train Hobby Room

Train Rooms require plenty of space – look at this example with lots of natural lighting


According to a survey carried out by the organisers of World Book Day, the average home has 158 books. An avid reader can have far more than this though, often going into the hundreds. With a well-insulated, calm garden hobby room adorned with natural light, you’ll lose yourself for hours.


Order your Brochure

Given the right outdoor space to indulge in your hobby, you could become quite the master of your chosen art.

Here’s the exciting part – choosing your garden room. The creative in you will love the fact that SMART Garden Offices has seven ranges to choose from, in over 60 different sizes and 13 colours.

If you decide on a new hobby room from us, we’ll advise you every step of the way. We will help you explore where the light falls within your garden, how you intend to use natural light and how much space you’ll realistically need. We’ll also share some examples of where people have created similar spaces. This is all part of our customer service.

Please feel free to download our brochure full of inspirational ideas, complete with product specifications.