7 Reasons Why You Need a Garden Gym
06 August 2020

7 Reasons Why You Need a Garden Gym

What is a Garden Gym?

When it comes to outdoor office space, it’s not just about having a place for you to work or run a business. Outdoor offices can have a myriad of uses, ranging from music studios and art studios through to dedicated ‘man caves’. They can be as big or small as you want, making them a flexible space for you to combine both work and pleasure.

One popular idea for outdoor offices is to use the space to create your own home gym. 2020 has seen a surge in sales for gym equipment as fitness fanatics have made the switch to home workouts. And with the wide range of video workouts freely available online (thanks to #pewithjoe), there’s never been a better time to create your own garden gym.

Binkys Gym Room

7 Reasons Why You Need a Garden Gym

Being fit and healthy should be simple. Surely, it’s just a question of eating right and moving more? Motivation and dedication to a regular training programme play a hugely important part in helping you to achieve your dream physique. But there are a million reasons why it’s a struggle to pick up our trainers and head out for a workout. You may feel too tired. It may be too hot / too cold. You may have childcare issues. You may be busy at work and unable to fit in a workout. The list of excuses is endless.

But what if we told you there was a way to overcome these excuses? Building your own home gym in your back garden can be a great way to keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. Here are a few valid reasons why you should invest in your own garden gym.

Garden Room Gym

  1. There are no excuses with it being right on your doorstep

When it comes to home gyms, it’s harder to think of a valid reason to excuse you from your next workout. You don’t need to worry about travel times. You may not even need to worry about childcare. Depending on the age of your children, you can invite them to join you for your next training session. The great thing about a garden gym is that it’s much easier to commit to. When it is there on your doorstep, the reasons why you avoided the commercial gym will disappear, leaving you to develop and maintain a love of fitness.


  1. A home gym is tailored to your comfort

We admit we’ve spent many hours browsing images for home gyms and garden gyms on Pinterest. There are some stunning looking gyms in people’s homes, all tailored to different needs. Perhaps you’re a cardio fan, and you want to focus on cardio equipment such as treadmills and cross-trainers. Or maybe you’re a weightlifter and you dream of heavy-duty gym equipment. You might even want to create a relaxing space for you to do yoga or Pilates. Whatever the case, your home gym can be designed specifically around you.

You can choose your own décor, set up your own music system to play your favourite playlist, and make your gym a place that you love, and want to spend time in.


  1. It’s quick and easy

Home gyms can be a time saver. Not only are you reducing your travelling time to and from the gym, but you can get your workout finished much quicker than you would in a commercial gym. This is because you won’t need to wait for others to finish using the gym equipment that you need. Everything is there ready for you when you want to use it.

For those who favour HIIT workouts, where you need your heart rate to stay at a certain level, this can be a huge benefit.

Garden Room gym interior

Garden Rooms can so easily be used as gyms!

  1. You can use it how you wish

We’ve already touched on how you can set up your garden gym in the way that you want. With your own choice of gym equipment, you can feel positive that you have built a bespoke gym that matches your training needs.

But the variety of your home gym extends beyond the choice of equipment. It’s also about having a facility that will allow you to use it in the way that you want. You can work out at any time of day or night. You don’t need to book online for classes. You can even choose your own playlists to keep you motivated. There are so many different ways that you can make the most use of your home gym, that fitness will truly become a pleasurable experience.


  1. There are no strict rules

As gyms start to reopen in the UK, post-lockdown, your garden gym means that you can feel comfortable that you are working out in a relaxed and informal environment. You don’t need to worry about what other gym users are doing. You can work out in the way that you prefer – that may involve wearing whatever you want, training at a time that suits you, or even being able to yell or grunt at the top of your voice.

Garden Gym Temple Folly Range

  1. You may achieve a personal best

If you start to view working out as a pleasurable experience, you may find that you start to achieve better results. You may shave a few seconds off your running time or hit a personal best on the weights.

Having your personal space to work out can make all the difference to your training programme. With more convenience and a gym environment based around your preferences, you’ll start to work out more often which can lead to better performances. For those who are training for something specific (perhaps an iron man challenge or a marathon), investing in a home gym can be a great decision.


  1. Fewer distractions

The privacy of having your own garden gym means that you’ll have much fewer distractions. You won’t be worried about what other people are doing, or what they think of you. You won’t have to make small talk with the person beside you. And you won’t have to worry about someone judging you for your workout style. When you take away the array of distractions that can put you off in a commercial gym, you’ll find that you are working out better and getting stronger results, much quicker.


Let us help you design your dream gym

If you’re ready to invest in your bespoke home gym, then you need to feel confident that you’re finding the right space for your needs.

At SMART garden offices, we have seven different product ranges available in up to 64 sizes. This means that we can create the right gym to suit your garden. Thanks to our CAD/CAM technology we can turn your vision into reality, whether that’s a personalised yoga studio or a weight shed to rival Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s famed ‘iron paradise’.

Our products include thermal insulation and unlimited double glazing and can be professionally installed in just a few days. What’s more, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all products and prices start from as little as £10,525.

To start exploring your home gym options, why not order a copy of our brochure?