21 May 2020

A Garden Room for All Seasons

A garden room is a fantastic investment for those of you that are looking for a separate space to use 365 days a year, no matter what the use, and no matter what the weather! As we now head into another unpredictable summer, here we take a look at the ways in which you can...
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07 May 2020

Get Your Very Own Garden Office

During these very worrying times it is still unclear when life will return to normal. But what will normal look like now that we have acclimatised ourselves to lockdown, social distancing and working from home? One thing is clear – this pandemic can and should change the world and the way we see it. It...
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30 April 2020

Multifunctional Garden Rooms

When SMART Garden Offices first started out more than 14 years ago, our buildings were mainly sold as garden offices, but over the past few years there has been a definite shift in the usage of these stunning rooms. Our buildings are getting bigger so that they can be used as multi-functional spaces, enabling the...
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23 April 2020

Life During Lockdown

When the government first introduced the idea of a three-week lockdown, many of us were understandably concerned as to what that would actually mean and how we would cope with it. Now in our 4th week, with at least another 2 weeks to go, life seems to have gained some sort of abnormal normality! So...
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16 April 2020

Digitising the Modern Workforce

Many of us have only ever dreamt of what our lives could be like if we didn’t have to carry out the daily commute and could work from home, and now, thanks to the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, many of us have had home working forced upon us. So, are we embracing it,...
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09 April 2020


What a very strange time we all find ourselves in. It’s hardly believable, more like the latest blockbuster movie out of Hollywood, with sports matches, gigs, music festivals, theatre shows and the like having all been postponed for the foreseeable future and bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, museums, churches and libraries all closed. Even the local...
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02 April 2020

SMART Self-Consultation

Like so many businesses at this present time, we took the decision to temporarily close the doors at SMART Garden Offices to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff, their families, our customers and all our potential customers. The reality of this means that our showroom is now closed, we will not be able...
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26 March 2020


As more of us become self-isolated or home working has been enforced, this may well be one of the most challenging times of our lives and we will need to draw deep to cope with the situation. Working from home is not for everyone, it takes a high level of self-motivation, often people feel isolated...
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19 March 2020

Help with Working from Home

With our current economic climate, it is clear that we are living in very worrying and uncertain times and that the everyday things that we normally take for granted are currently under threat. It is going to be a time of great change, especially in terms of how many of us can carry out our...
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14 March 2020

Coronavirus (CVD) Update 01.10.2020:

As we start to see concerns of a second wave and more local lockdowns coming into force, we are constantly monitoring and reviewing our operational abilities to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers alike. Our showroom is currently still open by appointment only, on-site consultations can take place on sites where...
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