05 December 2019

A ‘SMART’ Reward Program

Loyalty schemes and rewards programs have become commonplace in today’s society. SMART Garden Offices, supplier and installer of traditional and modern garden studios across the UK, recognise it is becoming increasingly difficult to lock consumers into a single brand as they hop from one offer to another. It is no longer just about getting a...
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28 November 2019

SMART’S Black Friday Offer!

With Black Friday almost upon us, have you ever wondered how it got its name or even where it came from? At SMART Garden Offices, suppliers of high-quality home offices in gardens throughout the UK, we wanted to take a look back at the history of Black Friday and how it has grown both across...
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14 November 2019

Focus on the SMART Suffolk Barn Range

The SMART Suffolk Barn office range is a timeless design, soaking up heritage and exuding rural charm. Perfect for those that prefer a more traditional style. This is one of SMART’s particular favourites as our roots started in, and remain to this day, in the glorious Suffolk countryside. Beautifully proportioned with a soft and gentle...
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07 November 2019

A SMART Garden Writing Room

Do you dream of being the next Stephen King or J K Rowling? Maybe you are already a recognised writer but are struggling to find that perfect space to be creative. What you need is a unique and personal space to you, created to your very own specifications and usable 365 days a year, no...
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