01 April 2019

Lickable Window Range

Unfortunately, the SMART LickableWindow™ range isn’t real… APRIL FOOLS! 😉 However, we do offer each of our six SMART ranges with floor-to-ceiling, contemporary double-glazing and secure bi-fold doors to keep you warm and cosy in the winter months and nice and cool during the summer. The flavoured windows will just have to wait! Check out our...
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26 February 2019

Explore Our SMART Lighting Options

Our SMART Garden Offices are specifically built to allow you to curate and personalise your garden room, man cave, orangery or studio, to reflect your personality, style and requirements. We’re all about making sure your dream room is all about…YOU! That’s right; each and every corner! And since we’re currently in the midst of winter...
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05 February 2019

The SMART Classroom

Smart classrooms are the future! With smart whiteboards, smart screens and even smart lighting, there’s certainly no more room for an ‘old school’ blackboard! However, we’re not talking about that sort of classroom, we’re talking about a SMART classroom – and in our case, it’s not what you put inside the classroom, it is the...
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31 January 2019

The Almighty Man Cave

Or as Wikipedia suggested, Man Mansions, Man Spaces, Manctuaries… OK, on second thoughts, perhaps it’s best we stick with ‘man caves’! This type of space has become increasingly common during the last decade and it really isn’t difficult to see why. A space that’s all yours to escape, indulge in hobbies or simply watch the...
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