The 5 Best Garden Office Pod Design Ideas
01 July 2022

The 5 Best Garden Office Pod Design Ideas

If you’ve been looking at modern garden office ideas, you’ll already be familiar with the term ‘garden room’ but how about a garden pod?

As the name suggests, the garden pod is compact, yet perfectly proportioned and cleverly designed to work from home.

As a small garden office, the garden pod neatly houses everything you need to mirror a plush in-office environment. Quite simply, it gives you that Grand Designs feeling without taking up too much of your garden or budget.

Comfortable to work from all year round, a garden office pod is also a sensible purchase for the budget-conscious too. Priced from just £12,525, swapping the daily commute for one of these small fully insulated garden offices makes complete sense.

What is a Garden Office Pod?

Typically, a garden office pod is quite a bit smaller than your average modern garden office, and cheap by comparison.

There’s no exact rule as everyone’s idea of a snug fully insulated garden office is different, but a garden pod is quite petite (think 2.1m x 2.1m or 2.6m x 2.6m).

Being compact is one of its many benefits. Perfect from small gardens, a pod gives you the office space you need without taking over your garden.

What separates the garden office pod from your run-of-the-mill garden room is its design. Although classed as cheap compared to bigger home offices, there’s absolutely no compromise on quality when it comes to this modern engineered space.

Premium materials, full insulation and high quality glazing are standard with every SMART garden pod, making them a modern living solution where outside space is limited.

5 Garden Office Pod Design Ideas

Highly customisable, you’ll be surprised by what the contemporary small garden office pod has to offer.

At SMART, all our garden office ranges feature low cost garden pod options, with sizes starting from 2.1m². Best of all, internally and externally, you can customise your garden pod exactly as you wish. You’re not stuck to a single design or having to go up a size and use more of your garden than you wanted to.

What’s more, there’s no hidden costs. All the essentials that you will need to be productive in your small garden office are included within the quoted price.

So, what are your design options? We look at the five top designs from our range to help you get started.

  1. Key Studio garden pod

Starting at just £12,525 for a 2.1m² garden pod, the Key Studio is a great choice for those looking for a low cost home office space. The mono pitch roofline contrasts with the soft thermowood for a contemporary office space.

Our range of windows and doors allow you to configure your garden studio how you wish. As with all our garden pods, the Key Studio offers the same build quality, insulation, strength and rigidity you’d expect from more expansive designs.

Outside view of garden pod


  1. Evolve garden pod

Coming in slightly higher in cost, yet still a low cost garden pod, is the Evolve. Starting from £12,680 for a 2.1m² space, this range is perfect for small gardens. It’s timeless proportions and strong, clean lines make this garden pod really stand out from the crowd.

With painted vertical panelling (available in 16 different colours) and a front overhanging roof, there’s nothing shy about the Evolve garden pod. As the newest member of the SMART family (launching in 2021), it is one of our most popular contemporary small garden offices.

Below is a picture of one of the first Evolve garden pods to meet its forever home. We love how the owners have framed theirs with raised flower beds.

Evolve Garden Pod

  1. Belle garden pod

Effortlessly chic and offering one of the widest choices when it comes to garden pod personalisation, is the Belle. Still a low cost option (starting at £12.935), this contemporary range has a real sense of charm. Deliberately designed to create a quiet and inviting space, it’s the perfect place to be productive.

The hand-painted exterior panelling is available in a wide variety of colours. One of our personal favourites is this 2.1m by 2.1m Belle garden pod in Midnight Black. This small garden office, is not only practical, it oozes with contemporary appeal.

Midnight black Belle garden pod

  1. Affinity garden office pod

Stepping up a bit in price, although still a low cost option considering the materials used (larch cladding and a striking front portico), the Affinity is a great small garden office.

Starting from £14,095, this ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ featured garden pod is a clever design. It’s a prime example of how small doesn’t have to mean any less when it comes to making a design statement. There’s no hiding this small garden office as the contrasting black frame and warm wooden tones will give any garden a contemporary twist.

Affinity garden pod

  1. Ultra garden office pod

If you’re after something special, you’ll always feel at your most productive in the Ultra garden pod. The floating cedar panels, and expansive black frame will instantly grab the eye and create an illusion of space.

Placed somewhere prominent in your garden, you’ll want to make the most of this striking design, as the owners of this small garden office / artist studio have done. Although small, this Ultra garden pod is no shrinking violet. It takes pride of place and does so unapologetically.

Ultra garden pod in corner of garden

Order a Free Brochure

Now that you’ve explored some of our fully insulated modern garden office designs, here’s the exciting part. It’s time to get creative and bring your design to life to see how it’ll work in your space.

Before jumping straight into garden pod designer mode though, it’s a good idea to download a free copy of our brochure. It’s absolutely packed full of real life pictures and explains the features and options for each range.

Once you’ve settled on one or two designs, you can jump straight onto our configurator using your PC or laptop and start building your dream pod. It’s really simple. You can play around with different window, door, decking, flooring and even roofing options. Best of all, to make sure you keep things affordable, you can see exactly how much your design specification will cost. It’s one of the many things our customers, located across the UK, love about the SMART experience.

Hopefully, you’ve already got lots of ideas. If you’re still unsure about purchasing a modern garden office pod though, check out our garden office reviews. Lots of our lovely customers have shared images of their garden offices too!