8 Frightfully Stylish Halloween Garden Room Ideas
24 October 2022

8 Frightfully Stylish Halloween Garden Room Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a modern garden room, you may be thinking about how you could turn it into a spooktacular space this Halloween.

While many people rush to fill their homes with gory decorations, All Hallows’ Eve can be elegantly celebrated by taking a more modest, enchanting approach.

Whether you’re planning a party or just want to enjoy the spooky season, we look at some of the best décor ideas. From metal pumpkins and hand-carved toadstools to clever lighting displays and seasonal wreaths, it seems there’s quite an appetite for Halloween chic!

Halloween Garden Room Lighting

We’ve got to say, modern garden rooms really lend themselves as a great place for Halloween-themed lights and there’s a brilliant selection out there. Lights 4 Fun, for example, have everything from mottled mini pumpkin lights and neon words to amber glass pumpkins.

Garden room halloween lights

As pictured, you don’t have to keep to one type of lighting, either. Mixing different materials, like glass, wicker, neon-stripped lighting and candlelight, works just a treat.

Handmade Wooden Signs

Being master craftspeople ourselves, we love anything made from wood and Etsy has a fantastic selection to suit any modern garden room.

Simply type ‘spooky wood sign’ into Etsy’s search function and you’ll find 1000+ results, from rustic Trick or Treat handcrafted wooden stakes to wooden block signs and decorated tree logs.

Most displays can be personalised for a small fee if you really want to impress.

You can, of course, make your own wooden sign. Just search for “sign-making routing kits” on Amazon or eBay.

Halloween wooden sign

Rattan Pumpkins

Another favourite of ours are rattan pumpkins. If you love autumn, a stylish rattan or wicker pumpkin needn’t just be for Halloween. A quick search on Google and you’ll find hundreds of them – they’re a stylish twist on the classic pumpkin and will look good in any modern garden room.

We really like this one from John Lewis for just £15. Made from wicker and adorned with LED lights, it’ll look great at night.

Rattan pumpkin with lights around it

As the lights are battery operated (2 x AA), you could pop it into a large fruit bowl and decorate it with seasonal fruits, leaves and berries.

Wooden Toadstools

Consider buying wooden or rattan toadstools if you want to invest your money in garden room Halloween decorations that you can use all year long.

Toadstools can have different meanings. For instance, they can look bewitching when draped in cobwebs and transform into fairy dwellings in the summer.

They’re easy to find, too. Most garden centres will stock them from around £40 for a small cluster.

We must say, though, we love these flat wooden mushrooms made by RugsSkyStore, available on Not on the High Street for £65. Being hand carved, no two mushrooms are the same, giving you a completely bespoke decoration.

Wooden toadstools outside in the garden

Autumnal Garden Room Wreaths

Wreaths, for all seasons, have really made a comeback. You’ll find people hanging them from their doors at all times of the year. Very much an American tradition that’s made its way to the UK, autumnal wreaths are on trend, especially around Halloween.

Autumnal garden wreath

If you’re looking for a fresh-flowered wreath with seasonal fruits, berries, leaves and twigs, we suggest purchasing or making one as close to 31st October as possible. That way, it’ll still be fresh for Guy Fawkes celebrations too.

If you have the time, make your Halloween wreath at home. Choose somewhere that has good light (most definitely your garden room) and get creative.

Most local florists stock wreath-making kits, but if you don’t have one nearby, Hobbycraft is a good shout.

Frightfully Good Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a lovely way to soften the ambience of any modern garden room. You can use standard twinkly string lights, but why do that when you can decorate your garden room with miniature glass pumpkins, crow silhouettes, micro ghosts and crystal skulls?

We don’t know about you, but we adore this string of wooden bat lights from Party Delights, retailing at just £10.39.

Halloween bat lights on the wall

Mixed Pumpkins

We’re all familiar with the big bulbous orange pumpkin but did you know that there are more than 150 different types?

The most popular is Pepo, which is either orange or green, but you have tan and yellow varieties (Moschatas), deep orange, blue and green pumpkins (Maximas) and Mixtas, which look a bit like butternut squashes.

If you’re looking for a natural way to add a touch of Halloween to your garden room, head down to your local pumpkin farm, grab a wheelbarrow and go picking.

They look beautiful stacked together and will stay fresh for a good couple of weeks.

Seasonal Door Mats

Placing a door mat just inside your garden room is not just a good idea for keeping your floor clean, it’s a great spot to make a design statement. We know clients who have a door mat for every season.

For Halloween, you have your pick of designs, from blacked cats and spider silhouettes to some lovely messages.

We quite like this one from Sainsbury’s retailing at just £5 reading ‘autumnal leaves and pumpkins please’.

Halloween doormat

Fun, functional and made from coir, it’ll keep your garden room dirt-free during winter.

Our last piece of Halloween design advice

We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for decorating your garden room this Halloween. As always, our best advice is to choose decorative pieces that are in keeping with you and your style.

If you have little children who love spiders and ghosts, you may want to go all-out and create a creepy crypt – in which case, a trip to Home Bargains or your local supermarket may be all you need.

If you enjoy the season but not the gore, pop into your local farmer’s market or garden centre, and hang out on Etsy or Not on the High Street for a bit. You’ll soon find things you love.

Oh, and don’t forget to share them with us on Facebook and Instagram – we’d love to see your creations!

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