19 November 2020

Road Safety Week: Our Role

This week, Brake is running its annual Road Safety Week and has invited employers to show their support. Sadly, every 20 minutes, someone is killed or seriously injured on a British road. With our garden roominstallation team constantly on the road, we’re all too aware of the frequency of incidents. What’s more, the European Transport...
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13 November 2020

Using Your Garden Room as a Hobby Room

If you’re running low on space in your home, yet you want a dedicated area to indulge in your hobby, a garden room is a great solution. Hobbies are a fabulous way to relax and let you explore your creativity, especially after a hard day at work. It’s fair to say though, it’s not always...
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06 November 2020


Can you believe that another year has passed and that we have just completed our 2nd ‘Favourite Building Competition’, this time, from our installations carried out in 2019. We just love to hear how our customers are getting on in their new garden rooms, but rarely hear anything after the installation is complete, so it...
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02 November 2020


According to the Office for National Statistics 30% of the UK workforce were exclusively working from home at the end of July 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way businesses big and small work in the UK. As a nation we still don’t know enough about the impact ‘working from home’ will have on...
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29 October 2020

Using Your Garden Room All Year Round

Whether you love the late summer sun or the golden glimpse of autumn, you can enjoy your outside space all year round with a garden room. A garden room makes the perfect summer soiree and sun shelter, beautifully connecting the inside with the out. But it’s not just a perfect pad for the warmer months....
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22 October 2020

Garden Room Maintenance for Colder Months

If you’ve just purchased your first garden room or you’re about to do so, you might be wondering what maintenance it’ll require as we edge into autumn and winter. The answer is, not very much. Hopefully, you would have already done enough research on garden rooms to realise that they are about as far away...
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15 October 2020

How To Entertain Guests in Your Garden

Whether you’re planning on a BBQ with friends, or inviting your co-workers over for a get together, garden entertaining is great fun. Best of all, if you structure your garden as an entertaining hub, you’ll make full use of your outdoor space all year round. Creating that upbeat, festive, free-flowing get-together filled with good food...
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08 October 2020

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Family Staycation

We previously blogged about the growth in popularity of staycations at home. This is where you don’t physically go away on holiday, but instead, you spend time at home with your loved ones, relaxing from the pressures of work/school. The Rise in Popularity of Family Staycations Family staycations have become popular because it’s a much...
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01 October 2020

Staycations – What are they? (UK)

When it comes to our holidays, it’s easy to dream of faraway lands and sun-kissed seas. But in reality, taking some time to enjoy a simple staycation at home can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind. For some people, a staycation can mean simply holidaying in good old’ Blighty, taking the time to...
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