Why a Garden Gym Could be Just what you need for 2023!
04 January 2023

Why a Garden Gym Could be Just what you need for 2023!

Why a Garden Gym Could be Just what you need for 2023!

It’s finally 2023, and now that the holidays are over, getting healthy and fit is top of most people’s New Year’s resolutions. Finding the time to visit the gym can be challenging, though, especially if you have children or a hectic job. Thankfully, there is a solution, and that’s a fully insulated garden room, starting from just £12,525 for a Key Studio.

A bespoke garden gym is the perfect space to workout. After all, it offers a comfortable environment, a private dedicated space, somewhere you can visit any time, and absolutely no membership fees. So you’ll have zero excuses for not being able to make it!

Oh, and the best thing is that you can design your garden gym just how you want. You can even choose where to place your windows and doors and what type of flooring and interior finish you’d like.

Before you jump straight into the design process, let’s explore the benefits of purchasing a modern garden gym.

Eliminate your Gym Costs

Once you’ve paid for your garden room, you’ll immediately realise the financial benefits of having your own gym. You’ll wave goodbye to the dreaded membership fees, which can be as much as £130 per month for a premium gym, although the average is around £600 per year. Plus, there are no gym commute costs, either. If more than one of you is working out, the cost savings are even higher.

Exercise Exactly when you Want

How many times have you visited the gym to find you can’t go on the equipment you want or that you are 10th on the waiting list for Body Pump? It’s frustrating, especially when you’re paying to access facilities.

With your garden gym, you’ll never have this problem. You won’t have to worry about whether there’s a free parking space or enough exercise bikes. If you want to go spinning at peak times, you can!


You Choose the Equipment

Your garden gym will be exclusively yours, so you can choose exactly what equipment you’d like. Whether you’re looking for a weights area, boxing gym, cardio exercise space or a yoga retreat, a dedicated garden gym allows you to feature the apparatus you enjoy without compromise.

A Comfortable Space

Commercial gyms can often be too hot or cold – it’s quite difficult to balance the comfort of everyone in a room. With your own garden gym, you’ll never feel uncomfortable.

There are a couple of ‘must-haves’ when choosing a garden room, though. Your chosen design should be fully insulated for use all year round. By this, we mean that high-quality insulation is fitted into the floors, ceiling and walls and that the doors and windows offer good thermal retention, which comes as standard with every SMART® garden gym design.

It’s also a good idea to add climate control (air conditioning) to your garden gym (we do this for most of our clients). That way, as you warm up or cool down, you can adjust the temperature quickly and just to your liking.

Natural light

Wide bi-fold doors allow plenty of natural light to flood your garden room gym, while neutral walls and soft laminate flooring add to the airy, spacious feel. Look how the owners of the Ultra garden room below have taken full advantage of their south-facing home gym.

If you don’t quite have the budget for a large garden gym, there are plenty of ways you can still take advantage of the natural light.

The Temple Folly garden room is a great option for a smaller garden gym, as the expansive floor-to-ceiling glazed panels and vaulted roofline make the most of the available sunlight.

In fact, with all seven of our garden room ranges, you can choose where you would like the windows and doors to be placed to give you maximum light.

Some people even choose to have one wall mirrored to reflect the light and assist in correcting form when exercising.

A more Private Space

Privacy is not something that you get when you join a commercial gym. Even if you have a personal training session, you’ll still be in the company of others. Some people love this, but others feel a little awkward.

If you love to get into your own zone, a garden gym could be just what you need. After all, it’s about as private as you can get. You can even have blinds that fit flush to the frame if you want complete privacy.

Two of our garden room designs, the Affinity and Ultra, feature a hooded modern portico entrance, which brings added privacy.

Ultra Garden Room in garden

A dual space

When you purchase a garden room, it doesn’t have to be used purely as a gym. Most of our clients use their space for one or two more functions. For example, your garden gym could double up as an office, an art studio, an entertaining space or a family room.

Take the lovely MIC star and beauty blogger, Binky Felstead, who bought one of our Ultra garden rooms as a gym-come-workspace. There’s enough room for her entire family to enjoy the garden room.


How to Get Started

Now, here’s the really exciting part. Once you know you’re going to buy a garden room to use as a gym, you can achieve the perfect space by following the steps below:

  1. Download a copy of our brochure (it’s packed with imagery and lots of design ideas)
  2. Choose your favourite garden room range (there are 7 very different, equally stunning designs to select from)
  3. Visit our design configurator using your desktop PC, laptop or tablet, add your preferred garden gym range and dimensions and get creative. You’ll love seeing your design come to life.
  4. Once you’re happy with your garden gym design, you can use the SMART® AR Visualiser App (search ‘smart garden room configurator’ on the App Store or Google Play) to view your plan in life-size form through the lens of your tablet or mobile phone.


You are then ready for one of our FREE, no obligation site consultations or a visit to our showroom in Suffolk, where you’ll be able to see and feel the quality of our designs.

Please contact us to chat through your garden gym design options.

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