How do you get WiFi in a Garden Room?
27 April 2023

How do you get WiFi in a Garden Room?

Whether you’re planning on using your garden room as a home office, a family room, entertainment space or as a creative studio, having a good WiFi connection is important.

It’s all too easy to forget about WiFi as it’s pretty much always there, but we use it for video conferencing, live streaming, messaging, browsing the web, downloading files and so much more. So, when a signal’s not great in your garden room, it can be a real pain.

Thankfully, though, there are a few WiFi options available to keep you connected.


Why do you need a good Garden Room WiFi signal?

Before we explore the different garden room WiFi options, it’s worth thinking carefully about the advantages of having quick and reliable WiFi.

Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Internet access: A good WiFi signal in your garden room allows you to access the internet with a fast and reliable connection, which is essential for activities such as streaming video, downloading large files, or browsing the web.
  • Productivity: A strong and reliable WiFi signal in your garden office is essential for productivity, especially if you work from home a lot or need to access cloud-based applications. A weak signal can cause slow loading times and interruptions, which can lead to decreased productivity and frustration.
  • Communication: A good WiFi signal allows you to communicate with others through online platforms, such as email, messaging apps, or video conferencing tools. A weak signal can cause lag, frozen screens, or dropped calls, which can make communication difficult or impossible. That’s not great if you’re running a business from your garden room.
  • Entertainment: A good WiFi signal is important for social garden rooms, such as streaming movies or playing online games. A weak signal can cause buffering, poor video quality, or lag, which can spoil the entertainment experience. Not great if you’ve got friends round to watch a big game!


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Why can it be a Challenge to Get a WiFi Signal?

There could be a few reasons why getting a WiFi signal to a garden room is a tricky, including:

  1. Distance: The further away your garden room is from your WiFi router, the weaker the signal will be. So if your garden room is located far away from your router, the signal may not be strong enough to reach it (don’t panic, though, as there are solutions).
  2. Obstacles: WiFi signals can be blocked or weakened by physical obstacles such as walls, trees, and other buildings.
  3. Interference: If there are other devices or networks operating on the same frequency as your WiFi network, they can interfere with the signal and make it weaker.
  4. Infrastructure: In some cases, the infrastructure of your home may make it difficult to extend your WiFi network to your garden room. For example, if your home has thick walls or floors, it may be difficult for the WiFi signal to penetrate through them.

What are your Garden Room WiFi Options?

Thankfully, there are several ways to get WiFi in a garden room in the UK, and here are a few options:

Use a WiFi Range Extender: If your garden room is within range of your existing WiFi network, you can use a WiFi range extender to boost the signal. A range extender works by capturing the WiFi signal from your router and rebroadcasting it to the garden room.

Hard wired ethernet cable: Most of our garden room customers choose this option, which involves an ethernet socket being installed next to your existing router within your home and then running a CAT6 cable into your garden room, which is hard wired to an ethernet socket. Although the cable itself does not give you WiFi, you can plug in a wireless router that will enable you to connect devices such as Smart TVs, Alexa, laptops, printers and other devices.

Set up a Mesh WiFi Network: We do not offer this as a service, but some of our customers have set up a mesh WiFi network. This is a system of multiple routers that work together to provide a strong, seamless signal from your home and into your garden room. The idea is that as you roam between different spaces, your devices automatically pair to the router with the strongest signal. It’s not always the right solution though, as it is not as effective for longer distances.

Use a WiFi Hotspot: We know it’s hard to imagine, but if you do not have access to WiFi at all, you can use your smartphone or a dedicated mobile hotspot to connect to the internet. Just keep in mind that this option may be more expensive and may not provide as fast or reliable of a connection as a dedicated WiFi network.

Final thoughts on Garden WiFi

Overall, the best option for you will depend on your specific situation, such as the size of your garden room and the strength of your existing WiFi network. Although we’re not IT specialists, we can chat through your options and provide you with a quote for hardwiring a ethernet cable from your home to your SMART garden room.


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