7 Garden Room Ideas for Christmas
22 December 2022

7 Garden Room Ideas for Christmas

7 Garden Room Ideas for Christmas

If you took the plunge and purchased a modern garden room this year, you’ll fall even more in love with your new space this Christmas (as if that’s even possible).

With a fully insulated garden room, you have a place to hide and wrap presents, somewhere to do Christmas crafts, a room to store festive favourites, and grotto for Santa to visit. And that’s all before Christmas.

On the big day itself, you can watch the children unwrap their presents, host Christmas dinner, play board games or even use it as a retreat for some quiet time.

We’re sure you can think of more, but here are 7 garden room ideas for Christmas you’ll just love.

1. Somewhere to Keep and Wrap Presents

As any parent will say, it’s like a James Bond mission trying to hide presents from little ones. You could squirrel new toys in the garage or loft but there’s always a risk of them getting cold and damp. With a fully-insulated garden room, you don’t have this problem. Instead, you have a warm and dry space to keep your gifts in tip-top condition.

Plus, you don’t have the dreaded silent walk as you navigate your way downstairs with rustling paper. Rather than attempting the impossible, you simply open your garden room and bring your gifts in.

If you want to get super creative, you can even leave some Father Christmas footsteps across the path.

2. A Garden Room Wrapping Station

According to a poll by the Card Factory, most people will buy an average of 32 presents for family and friends. Now, that’s an awful lot of wrapping to do without little (and big) members of the family catching a glimpse. This is where having a garden room really comes in handy. You can just pop some Christmas music on, clear your desk or floor space, and get wrapping. If you’re lucky enough to have blinds, you can even leave it half done and come back to it another time.

You can also store your paper, Sellotape, labels and bows neatly in a corner ready for the Big Wrap!

3. Create your own Santa’s Grotto

If you have young children in the family, you’ll never regret turning your garden room into Santa’s Grotto.

There are some great decorations that can completely transform your space without going over-the-top or spending lots of money.

We love these tapestry wall art backgrounds from Light in the Box. You simply hang them in your garden room to create the most magical scene. You’ll feel as if you’re in a Lapland log cabin (just minus the cold!).

If you really want to get in the spirit, you Father Christmas may even make a visit (cue the Santa Stop Here lawn signs).

4. Christmas Morning

There’s something magical about everyone popping on their slippers and venturing into the garden room on Christmas morning. Just watching the children excitedly tip-toe across the grass and peek at their presents before the grand opening is enough to warm the heart.

If you’re super prepared, you could have some breakfast treats stashed away in your garden room ready to be eaten.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to clear away all the wrapping paper. One or two scoops and it’s gone!

5. Room to Gather

While it’s lovely to get together, it can often feel like there’s not enough space at Christmas, which is why it’s great to dedicate your garden room to entertaining. There’s nothing to stop you keeping your garden room for the evening buffet. Once you’ve finished unwrapping your presents, you could set out all the nibbles and drinks so that there’s nothing to do later in the day.

Or you may choose to use your garden room to cater for your guests’ different interests. For example, some people may love Monopoly where others may wince at the thought. Setting your garden room up as a games room for the day could keep everyone happy!

6. Space for Christmas Dinner

If you have a big enough garden room, it’s the perfect spot to host Christmas dinner. It really doesn’t take much at all to transform your space into a festive dining experience.

Stepping into the fresh crisp air and into a warm space filled with decorations will create just the right ambiance.

There are some great lighting options that are perfect for garden rooms. Check out the garden room below draped in curtained lighting. These easy-to-hang LED lights are simply beautiful.

Just remember to plan your seating arrangements a couple of weeks ahead so that you can be sure you have enough space.

7. A Quiet Retreat

You, or one of your guests, may want to escape the buzz of Christmas (just for a few minutes) or wish to have a private catch-up over a cuppa. If that’s the case, your garden room could be the perfect place.

We’re not sure if you can see, but the owners of this Ultra Garden room below have a comfy chill-out area and freestanding fridge – perfect for a cold glass of beer or prosecco as Christmas draws to a close.

Order Your Brochure Today

If you love the idea of spending next Christmas in your own garden room, the festive break is a great time to plan your design.

To get started, download a copy of our UK brochure for inspiration. Here at SMART® Garden Offices, we have seven unique ranges for you to choose from in 64+ sizes, all fully insulated and handcrafted using our patented TuSC® construction.

Best of all, we’ve made the design process super simple with our garden room configurator. Using a tablet, laptop or PC, you can design every aspect of your garden room. You can place the doors and windows where you like, explore different roof lines, interior finishes and even switch between ranges – all at the click of a button.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can see exactly how your garden room will look in your garden with our AR Visualiser app. Simply search ‘Smart Garden Room Visualiser’ on the App Store or Google Play and download.

You might even decide to surprise someone you love with their very own garden room this Christmas, which can be installed within just a few weeks.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call – we love hearing all about your design ideas.

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