15 July 2021

Enjoy the Olympics with a Summer Garden Room

After a year’s delay and five years since the last Olympic Games, the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony will occur on 23 July 2021. Personally, we couldn’t think of a better way to watch our Team GB athletes than from the comfort of a summer garden room. The Tokyo Olympics will mark the largest GB delegation...
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08 July 2021

Working From Home

With the recent announcement from the PM that we are reaching the end of lockdown, many of us are wondering what exactly that will mean in terms of our working lives. For many, working from home has shown us a new and modern way of working that we want to embrace. It’s not for everyone...
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01 July 2021

Celebrate the Euros with a Summer Garden Room

After an eventful year, there’s thankfully one event that pretty much the whole country is taken with, and that’s the Euros 2021, or should we say Euro 2020 (as it’s still known). Ok, so it’s not quite the Euros 2021 London was expecting to part-host, but the passion for a game that unites people is...
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03 June 2021

Our Favourite 7 Ways to Use a Garden Room in Summer

Whether you’ve already placed a garden room order or are simply looking for ideas, you’ll never be lost for inspiring garden room uses during the summer. As our customers will tell you, a garden room is far more suited to a multifunctional space than the equivalent extension. It offers a seamless transitional space that blends...
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27 May 2021

6 Must-Know Summer Garden Trends for 2021

It’s hardly a surprise that the events of 2020 and 2021 had a huge impact on garden trends and here’s why. For a time, most of us who are fortunate to have a garden found it to be the only place we could safely spend time outdoors. Time spent commuting and busying ourselves with other...
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