Benefits of a Garden Room in Spring
18 March 2021

Benefits of a Garden Room in Spring

With daffodils appearing and Easter on the horizon, it is the perfect time to reap the benefits of a garden room. Imagine waking up, making a freshly-ground coffee and tiptoeing down your path to your very own garden room.

As you open expansive glass doors to invite the outside in, you appreciate all the promise that Spring brings.

If ever there was a best time of year to enjoy the benefits of a garden room, Spring is our favourite. After all, it’s a time full of promise and new life, and this year happens to be a little special as we gradually emerge from lockdown.

If you are looking for somewhere to entertain friends, a place to unwind, an outside yoga studio, or perhaps all three, a garden room is perfect. So let’s explore why and what the benefits of a garden room are.


Hosting Family Gatherings

We know we’re not quite there yet but hopefully, it won’t be too long until family and friends can come over again. So planning your garden room now makes perfect sense.

Many of our SMART garden rooms have been turned into truly spectacular entertaining spaces. The Affinity range is especially popular for those wanting a plush party pad. Most people choose to have a canopy and decking platform with LED downlighting so that they can make the most of the sun, and as the night draws in, they simply move inside.

Exterior of Affinity Range Office

The beautiful canopy and decking area is perfect for hosting family and friends.


Extension to Your Home

As families change, so do the needs of the family home. Your grown-up children, for example, are most likely looking forward to having a few of their friends over this Summer. Having a purposefully designed garden room can give your family the extra ‘living’ space without the cost of an extension. There’s no knocking down of walls, planning and extortionate costs to create a home that caters for your needs.

You could have a garden studio grace your lawn in just a matter of days, creating that extra space you so longingly crave.


A Multifunctional Outdoor Room

The beauty of a garden room of course is that can bring everyone together, whether that’s enjoying working out or having a couple of glasses of wine. The point is that a garden studio can act as the hub or beating heart of your home.

You’ll enjoy watching it come to life at different times of year – hosting those late Spring BBQs, Summer soirees, bonfire nights and even Christmas drinks!

You may even choose to partition your outdoor room to make it a truly versatile space for the entire family to enjoy. Available in over 60 different sizes, there are multiple ways a SMART garden office can be arranged. For example, the Belle garden studio below serves as a family snug (or extra living room), a music studio and an entertaining space.


Exterior view of multifunctional Belle garden room.

The perfect example of a multifunctional garden room – from our Belle range.


A Designated Area for Work

As we emerge from lockdown this Spring, many employees will be having conversations with their employer about flexible working.

If working from home is an option for you, a garden office could prove to be the best long-term solution. With the average commuter spending upwards of £180 per month on travelling to and from work, a garden office may also make good financial sense.

A single-person SMART garden office, for example, can start at just £9,115 or can be purchased on finance for as little as £193 a month, over a 60 month period. For those commuting from Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex into London, train-fayre savings alone could potentially cover the entire cost of a garden room.

Our Key Studio range, which is our lowest priced garden studio, offers a fantastic versatile home office space. Having a range of window and door options allows you to configure your outdoor room however you wish.  From bifold doors to double or porthole windows – the huge range of options will ensure you quickly fall in love with your affordable garden office, no matter what the size of your garden.

Here’s the best bit. If you plan your garden office installation when your containers are in full bloom, you may not even want to leave work for the day!

Our Key Studio range offers a range of features for an affordable price.


Accessible, Involved Design

At SMART Garden Offices, we believe in making sure we create inspiring spaces, which is why we provide a complimentary design service. Together, we review how you would like to use your outdoor room. We carefully consider where the natural light falls, and how to maximise the personal ‘value’ of your space, both now and in the future.

When we leave, your questions are answered, and you have absolute peace of mind when making your purchase. Our design service is as close to ‘bespoke’ garden room design as you get without commissioning a build from scratch.


Quick Installation, Just in Time for Summer

Typically, a garden room base takes 1-2 days to install (depending on the size of your building). This is usually carried out 2 weeks prior to the installation date.

The garden studio build itself will take between 2-5 days, depending on your chosen size and specification.

At SMART, we have a patented TusC® construction method that we use with all our builds. Elements that seamlessly lock into place and provide additional strength are the hallmark of a SMART garden room, which has an intended design life of over 25 years.

Discover Your New Garden Office Now

Whether you’re looking for outdoor room in time for Summer or are planning one for later this year, it’s a good idea to explore your options.

Being in Suffolk, we are more than happy to travel for a complimentary consultation. Designing garden rooms for clients in Norfolk, Essex and London, we know exactly how to create breath-taking outdoor spaces.

As a starting point, we recommend exploring our seven ranges, available in 64 sizes and 13 different colours.


Please feel free to download a copy of our brochure, which is packed full of inspiring imagery, ideas and full specifications to get you started.