How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?
11 March 2021

How Much Does a Garden Room Cost?

How much does a garden room cost?

As you can imagine, it is one of the questions we are asked a lot, and quite rightly so. After all, a garden room is about as far away as you can get from the classic garden shed or summerhouse. A purposefully designed garden room has the performance you would expect from an extension – just without the hassle and cumulative cost.

The options are almost limitless with a garden studio, but before you start indulging in your dream design, it’s worth exploring typical costs. This is especially true if you need an exact garden room costwhen releasing savings or re-mortgaging.

Almost always, the best place to start is with having a clear idea of what you would like to use your garden studio for. For example, you may avoid commuting costs altogether by using your garden room as an office to justify your garden room cost.

Once you know how you intend to use your garden studio, you will be able to make informed design choices – all of which impact the garden room cost.


Factors That Affect Garden Room Price

When it comes to exploring garden room price, a lot depends on your answers to the following:

  • Your preferred range (at SMART, we have 7 ranges to choose from)
  • Size of your garden room (SMART has 64 different sizes)
  • Specification – decking (canopies), partitioned walls, bifold and patio doors all affect your garden room price.
  • Designer features – exterior lighting, roof lights, underfloor heating, built-in shelving and painted interiors etc… add to your garden room price.



The range of garden room you choose will have the greatest impact on garden room prices. At SMART Garden Offices, there’s not a huge amount of difference in the entry-level pricing for our seven ranges. The highest, the Ultra range, starts at £10,930 and the lowest, the Key Studio range, starts at £9,115.

Although each may be used for the same reasons and are constructed in days, the designs (and materials) are purposefully different.

The garden room price of the Ultra range, for example, is reflected in the chosen cladding (cedarwood) and the craftsmanship that goes into creating the optical illusion of floating walls.

Ultra Office Exterior

A customer’s Ultra office

Both ranges, however, are available in over 60 different sizes and are built to last. The warm and inviting Key Studio is certainly not a second-runner to the Ultra Range. As with our newly introduced Evolve range, the Key Studio offers a modern twist on the classic garden studio.

In fact, all SMART Garden Offices offer the same build quality, strength and rigidity as each panel and component cleverly locks together using our TuSC® construction method. This means that your chosen garden room will not require any maintenance for at least 10 years, making your garden room price, great value for money.


As with any garden room, the size of your building will impact your garden room price. Take our Affinity Range, for example, which is a popular alternative to the traditional house extension. Pricing starts at £10,525 for a 2.1m by 2.1m garden studio, all the way up to £35,890 for an expansive multipurpose 8.0m by 3.7m garden room.

However, it is worth noting that there is an economic scale to consider. The larger your garden room, the lower the cost per square metre, which you simply do not get with an equivalent extension. That’s why many of our clients who are looking for a statement entertaining space choose the Affinity range.


Specification and Design Choices

At SMART Garden Offices, we are always open and transparent about the pricing of our garden rooms. Most design features are included within the overall garden room price.

However, we have never wanted to limit the design choices open to our clients, which is why we have a range of optional extras, including:

  • Bifold and patio doors. As a standard, all our garden rooms include a single or double door with unlimited double glazing (with 28mm sealed units and high-performing Low-E glass). Bifold or patio doors can be installed to open the entire front aspect of a garden room, adding to your garden room price.
  • Painted interiors – our standard finishes include white silk panels framed with either natural or painted timber beading. However, you can upgrade to other internal finishes though for an extra cost.
  • Decking. By adding a SMART deck, you bring the outside into your garden room, which is an optional extra for the Ultra and Affinity ranges.
  • Partitioned walls. Where space will allow, partitioned walls and internal doors can be added to any SMART garden room.
  • Underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is an optional extra. However, the heat retention properties in all our garden rooms are so efficient, that this level of heating would not actually be required.
  • Roof lights. Whenever we design a garden room with a client, we make the most of all the available sunlight through the existing design. However, roof lights can be added to the garden room price. Mostly, they are not necessary though.
  • There may be times when you want to have a little more privacy – perhaps during a gym session. We also supply and fit blinds, which can also be added to your garden room price.

At your FREE design consultation with one of our highly-experienced designers, we will walk you through your options. You may even change your mind on some of the things you thought you need. For example, you may be set on installing roof lights but decide there will be enough light once we show you how to maximise natural light. Our role is to help you achieve a garden studio design that works for you while keeping control of costs.


Choosing your Garden Room Range

Your choice of garden room will hinge on three main factors – available space, price, and design preference.

Thankfully, all our garden rooms are available to purchase in one of two ways, either as a one-off payment or on finance. For example, the price of a one-person SMART garden office starts at less than £200 per month.

Each of our garden rooms offers something unique, so here’s a quick summary of each one:

Key Studio Range

Price: Starts at £10,525

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: Classic British architecture, strong modern design

Materials: Soft thermowood

Optional extras: Configure how you wish with optional bi-fold doors and porthole windows. Additional interior optional extras too.


Evolve Range

Price: Starts at £10,680

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: affordable, warm, inviting, crisp contemporary design.

Materials: Exterior grade MDF and 100mm Pressure-treated timber chassis, engineered to last. An impressive choice of colours in a 15-year colour stain.

Optional extras:  Bifold doors and porthole windows. Additional interior optional finishes and specifications.



Belle Range

Price: Starts at £10,935

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: Elegant ultra-chic garden office with charm.

Materials: Exterior grade MDF and 100mm Pressure-treated timber chassis, engineered to last. Available in a range of beautiful chalk colours in a 15-year colour stain.

Optional extras:  Configure windows and doors how you wish. Additional interior optional finishes and specifications.



Suffolk Barn Range

Price: Starts at £11,305

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: Traditional barn office with rustic 21t Century charm.

Materials: Robust 135mm walls and planning-friendly roofline. 15 colours to choose from.

Optional extras:  Highline roof, portholes and a series of additional interior options.



Temple Folly Range

Price: Starts at £11,700

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: Timeless and elegant with a modern twist. Front gable glass feature. Unique to SMART.

Materials: 6-inch chassis supports an expanse of glass and vaulted ceiling.

Optional extras:  Choose from a range of additional internal finishes, including blinds and furniture options.



Affinity Range

Price: Starts at £12,095

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: striking, sensual design full of grandeur.

Materials: Vertical larch cladding and portico entrance.

Optional extras:  Canopy (decking area), additional lighting and interior specifications.



Ultra Range

Price: Starts at £12,630

Sizing: 60 plus options

Noticeable features: Clean, crisp architectural lines that make a design statement. Floor to ceiling windows.

Materials: Cedar cladding, 135mm thick walls

Optional extras:  Decking, partitioned walls and other interior finishes are not included in the standard garden room cost.



Discover Your New Garden Room Now

With 64 different sizes, 15 colours and a multitude of ways to design your interior space, we’re confident you’ll find a garden room that suits your budget, your garden size and your design taste.

Our garden room consultants are constantly visiting clients across the whole of Mainland UK, including Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and London for a complimentary design consultation. Together, we look at the designs that we know will work for you and carefully consider your design choices.

When we leave you, you will be full of design inspiration and confidence that your garden room is a sensible investment.

In the meantime, please download a copy of our brochure. It’s packed full of real-life photographs of garden rooms along with complete specifications and optional extras.