Why Garden Rooms are the Perfect Festive Addition
18 December 2020

Why Garden Rooms are the Perfect Festive Addition

Christmas is a time when families and friends come together. It’s a moment for sharing, and a time to make wonderful memories with the people that you love.

Although Christmas 2020 will be different for many, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have an incredibly special festive season.

This year, many people have chosen to invest in carefully designed, and fully insulated garden rooms. Not only can these rooms provide more space for your family or a place where you can work in peace, but they can be used all year-round.

If Christmas brings chaos to your household, why not use your insulated garden room as an additional festive space that allows you to fully embrace the magic and wonder of the season. Whether you choose to use your garden room as a dedicated Christmas grotto, a handy place to hide those last-minute gifts, or even the perfect place to host your festive family meal, the possibilities are endless.

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A Festive Space for All The Family

Picture the scene.

The Christmas tree is up, the fairy lights are twinkling, the champagne has popped, and Mariah Carey is playing on the radio….

Sounds bliss doesn’t it?

One of the magical things about using your contemporary garden room as a festival retreat is that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

If you have younger children, you can turn your insulated garden room into a spectacular grotto. Christmas decorations are more affordable than ever before, so you can go all-out to make those memories with your children. From fake snow to dancing elves or even an LED Rudolph waiting patiently on your garden room roof, you can transform your room into something beyond your children’s imaginations.

Perhaps your children are young adults returning home after their first term at university. If they’re worried that they won’t have a chance to make the most of their social lives due to ongoing restrictions, why not convert your contemporary garden room into Santa’s Bar? With some flashing fairy lights, perhaps a disco ball, some fabulous seating, and a shelf full of festive cocktails, it’s sure to put a smile on their faces. What’s more, you can even keep the fun going with a Family New Years’ party! After all, staying in is the new going out!


An Insulated Storage Space to Help with Those Last-Minute Surprises

Another benefit of having a garden room is that it provides you with new areas to hide those last-minute gifts and stocking fillers that you don’t want anyone to find.

If your children have taken it upon themselves to conduct a Christmas present hunt, or your partner has ‘accidentally’ stumbled across their surprise gift then we know you’ll appreciate an insulated garden room.

You could use your festive garden room to create a fully-stocked gift wrapping station. With a selection of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and name labels all in one place, you won’t have to hunt around for that missing pair of scissors or Sellotape.

What’s more, because our SMART garden rooms are fully insulated, you can safely leave your gifts tucked away for days or even weeks. If you’ve ever hidden your Christmas presents in the garden shed, you’ll understand the worries of your presents getting damp or your beautiful wrapping turning soggy.

Instead, you can sit back and relax knowing that your carefully chosen Christmas presents are tucked away in a safe and damp-free location ready to surprise your loved ones.


A Cosy Place to Escape and Unwind

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, so this Christmas it’s important that you make sure you prioritise yourself as much as you do everyone else. If you want somewhere to call your own to escape for a few minutes, your insulated garden room is the perfect place.

You can deck it out with some cosy blankets, stash away a selection of your favourite chocolates and light some deliciously festive scented candles, and relax!

If you have a TV in your insulated garden room, you may even choose to turn it into a Christmas cinema, escaping the mayhem of the house for a family film.


Garden office in the snow

Even with the snow, the office stays warm


If this Sounds Idyllic then Why Not Plan for Christmas 2021?

At SMART Garden Offices, we’re passionate about helping our customers make the most of their garden rooms.

It’s not just about advising you on the perfect size (we have 64 sizes available) or helping you to choose which style suits your garden (we have seven stunning ranges available). It’s about helping you to understand how you can make the most of your investment all year long.

Our SMART garden rooms come fully equipped with thermal insulation, unlimited double glazing and are installed by our team of professional technicians in just a few days. With a ten-year warranty and finance options available (prices start at just £7,788), you can benefit from an exciting new living space which is only limited by your imagination.

So why not start planning for next Christmas and order our latest brochure?