Effective Ways of Adding Garden Room Storage Space
04 March 2022

Effective Ways of Adding Garden Room Storage Space

In many ways, a modern garden room is a blank canvas – a place with almost limitless interior design possibilities. As any designer will tell you, though, the key to achieving the perfect garden room interior rests on how you use your newfound space.

Whether you’re designing a garden office, your own gym, a hobby room or a secluded social space, every square inch must be useable. If you’ve ever watched Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate programme, you’ll be familiar with heat maps she uses to reveal how much space is redundant in homes. Almost all of us have blue zones (space we never use). So how do you avoid ‘blue-zoning’ your modern garden room?

The answer is to carefully consider your garden room storage space early in the design process.

Why would you add Storage Space to your Garden Room?

For most of us, having a home for things is a fundamental way that we bring order into our lives. Being surrounded by items that don’t belong or feel awkward can completely derail a garden room interior design.

So how can having the right garden room storage space make a difference?

  • Introducing a practical garden room storage space gives you a place for everything. So whether you decide on cubed storage across one wall, storage furniture or handcrafted bespoke cabinetry, your modern garden room will remain clutter-free.
  • Carefully planned garden room storage space lessens the amount of unused space within your modern garden room. Choosing furniture and storage that neatly hugs your space rather than dominating it will maximise every square inch.
  • Having the right garden office storage space makes for a far more productive, uncluttered workspace. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of all the items you know you will need for work and plan your design from there.
  • You might want somewhere (an enclosed space) within your modern garden room to keep seasonal items such as garden cushions, small pieces of garden furniture, and possibly Christmas presents!
  • You may even wish to separate your modern garden room into two connected areas – somewhere for socialising and a space for work or hobbies. Although there’s an extra cost, it’s a great way of achieving two rooms in one.

How to add Storage Space to your Garden Room

Your garden room interior design should be created with how you intend to use your space – both now and in the future. So here are some creative design ideas to help you think about ways to maximise space.

Use the full height of your space

When we think about garden room storage space, it’s easy to focus on the footprint without giving a second thought to the available height within the room. As seen below, some of the best garden room interior designs we’ve seen transform an otherwise blank wall into a functional yet beautiful display. Rhianne and Oliver, the owners of this 3.7m x 2.6m Affinity garden room, needed plenty of storage for Oliver’s business ventures (and impressive Star Wars collections), so they introduced a stylish floor-to-ceiling storage solution across the back wall.

Garden room using full space


Partition your space

If you want a modern garden room you can work out in and entertain from but don’t quite fancy mixing the two uses in one space, you may choose to divide your garden room. This involves partitioning your space with an interior wall (with or without an internal door) to give you two distinct rooms. This is perfect if you want to use one of the rooms as garden room storage space, as the owners of this amazing 8.6m x 3.2m Belle Garden Room have done to house all their musical instruments.

Belle garden room with partition

Introduce open shelving

If you’re looking for a garden office storage space that looks smart without being hidden away, open shelving is a great idea. To complement your garden room interior design, it’s a good idea to match the colour of your shelving to your chosen interior beading, as the owners of this modern garden room have done.

Open shelving inside garden room example


Make a point of using each corner

If you’re thinking of ideas to maximise your garden room storage space for work, a corner desk may be the ideal set-up for you. The owner of this small, yet perfectly utilised garden room, has found a purpose for every corner of their space.


Examples of using garden room corner space

Make your storage a work of art

The right garden room storage space can really compliment your chosen garden room interior design. This is especially important for artists and designers. For example, take this Suffolk Barn garden room – the storage solution makes for an unrestricted and inspiring creative studio (we’re loving the fabrics!).


Creative example of using storage space

Create the perfect outside space

With many modern garden room designs, you can add a canopy and decked area to create a fantastic space to house and store outside furniture. Even when it is tipping down with rain, the owners of this fabulous Affinity garden room enjoy relaxing in their hot tub. We’re also rather taken with the outside garden tools racking!

Garden room exterior view with hot tub

Add a discreet outside storage area

If you have the space and need somewhere you can tuck away your garden furniture, you may opt for a separate garden room storage space to sit neatly on your decked area, as the owners of this Affinity have done. There’s even space for Christmas lights and lanterns too.

Garden room exterior shot with matching outside storage space


Purchase storage furniture

Furniture that doubles up as a storage solution can save you vast amounts of space. For example, Ikea and Habitat have some clever furniture storage solutions – from coffee tables with hidden compartments to wall-mounted fold-away tables. There are some incredibly smart storage solutions for garden room gyms too. For example, check out this gym bench used by Jordan Fitness during filming last year. All the weights neatly tuck away under the bench to save on space.

Garden room with gym furniture storage space

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