5 Modern Garden Room Interior Design Ideas That'll Impress Family and Friends!
28 October 2021

5 Modern Garden Room Interior Design Ideas That’ll Impress Family and Friends!

There are seven elements when it comes to garden room interior design ideas. After all, whether we realise it or not, we all make intuitive design choices based on space, form, line, light, colour, pattern and texture. Getting just the right balance is essential to creating that perfect garden room for entertaining family and friends.

To help understand the core interior design choices that elevate a garden room to a truly inspired social space, we’d love to share five real-life garden interior design ideas with you. Each idea is very much of the moment as we delve into some of the most inspiring designs from 2021.

Coastal Calm

One of our all-time favourite modern garden room ideas has to be the coastal style. It draws its inspiration from lighter aqua, green, cream tones to create a nature-inspired relaxed feel.  As the owners of this SMART garden room overlooking the Cornish coast have created, coastal garden rooms embrace neutral tones, plenty of natural light and cosy interiors (cue the sheepskin throws and cable-knit blanket).

Actually, owners Paul and Katharine, have made clever use of their art studio, which also doubles up as a social space. They’ve given a great deal of thought as to where they position their garden room furniture. Katharine’s studio desk overlooks the ocean, where two armchairs face in the opposite direction underneath a soft textured rug to separate the work and social space.

Coastal garden office interior

This SMART garden room overlooking the Cornish coast is one of our favourites.

Simply Minimalist

When it comes to modern garden room ideas, less can most certainly mean more, and there’s quite a lot for you to consider before you purchase a garden room. Take this striking Affinity garden room below. Already, the exterior design makes clever use of lines, form, and texture with its uniquely patterned vertical larch cladding, which is complemented by anthracite grey bi-fold doors and a welcoming front portico. Emily and her partner have chosen a rich selection of textured interiors, taking inspiration from the latest contemporary garden room ideas. Adorning the space is tanned leather, reclaimed wooden garden room furniture, and signature pops of turquoise that complements the beautiful larch.

A minimalistic garden office interior design

This minimalistic garden room pulls in features from the latest contemporary design ideas.

Pool-house Perfection

Ok, so the pool is not inside this Temple Folly Garden Room, but as an insulated garden room that’s literally a stone’s throw from this outside heated pool, it’s a pool-side dining space that can be used all year round.

A must when exploring all contemporary garden room ideas, light is incredibly important with this design. You see, the Temple Folly offers the perfect balance of light, architecture and style not seen anywhere else. There is a wide range of exterior colours too, from traditional greens and chalky hues to bold black pictured below. We must say, we love how the owners have paired the dark modern exterior with rattan garden room furniture in the same shade. Also, notice how they have cleverly opted for darker ‘wooden effect’ joining panels on the interior roofline to emphasise the vaulted ceiling while opting for white everywhere else.

A garden pool room

This poolside garden room makes the perfect outdoor dining space.

Modern Family

Today’s modern family will use living spaces in many different ways, and garden rooms are no different. That’s why it’s important to consider space and form as well as aesthetics carefully. In terms of modern garden room ideas for all the family, we think the owners of this Affinity garden room have perfected it.

The exterior of a modern family garden room

The owners of this SMART garden room have perfected the balance between space and form.

The outside decked area linked to the front portico, which is lit by a series of soft integrated lights, provides the perfect alfresco social space. Moving on indoors, the space is equally as impressive. Careful thought has been given to the garden room furniture, including modern boxed storage that neatly houses partyware, games, books, and more. Notice how they have also painted some of the walls in a wonderful rich teal that works nicely with the exterior larch cladding.

The interior of a modern family garden room.

Boxed storage space keeps everything tidy and organised.


Stylish Monochrome

Monochrome is quickly becoming one of the hottest contemporary garden room ideas, and we’ve got to say that we love it. However, decorating a garden room with one main colour requires careful thought and planning. Too much black and white and you run the risk of creating a cold space. Therefore, it’s a great idea to introduce softness to the room with colour, texture and lines. Interestingly, the best way to do this is with clever garden room furniture choices, as the owners of this SMART garden room featured on Sarah Beeny’s ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ programme have done.

Notice how they have framed the space with bespoke monochrome garden room furniture yet softened the area in front with a hand-made walnut desk.

They’ve also introduced an eclectic mix of different furniture from a variety of eras. Our favourite interior design feature though is the very subtle introduction of orange in the fabrics and items on display.

Although this space is primarily a garden office, it also doubles up as a family entertaining space as the expansive double doors open onto a wonderful outdoor entertaining area.

A collage of a stylish monochrome interior garden room design

Balancing colour, texture and lines introduces softness into the room. Perfect!

Order Your Brochure Now

As we always say to our customers, you need to take time creating your entertaining space, especially when it comes to garden room interior design ideas.

The best place to start is by having a strong visual idea of what your space will be; its proportions, location, natural light, and how it connects to your outside space. That’s why we created the SMART Augmented Reality (AR) configurator app, which enables you to design to your heart’s content.

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