Rhianne & Oliver Lucas – A Quality Garden Office from SMART

Name – Rhianne & Oliver Lucas | Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate (Series 2, Episode 33)

Brief – To provide extra space to be used as a home office

SMART Building – Affinity 3.7m x 2.6m

When Rhianne & Oliver Lucas decided that their house really wasn’t working for them, they decided to enlist the help of Sarah Beeny, property guru and renovation expert, to help them improve their house in Wiltshire rather than move.

As we can see in their episode of this extremely popular program on HGTV, despite having what seemed to be a spacious 4-bedroom house, they felt it wasn’t big enough for them and would definitely not be suitable when they started a family. With one of the bedrooms being taken over as Oliver’s home office and Rhianne’s love of clothes and shoes, every corner of every spare room seemed to be bursting at the seams.

The solution to their issue was actually very simple. With some reorganising inside the house, Sarah then turned their attention to their large, relatively unused garden and suggested they install a garden studio for Oliver to work in.

This took Rhianne & Oliver by surprise as it was not a solution that had occurred to them before.

Sarah explained “When working from home, I think it is really important to firstly divide your working space from your home space, but also to be able to shut the door, because it is really good for the mind to be able to go ‘that’s work done’”.

Having fully engaged with this idea, Rhianne & Oliver then turned their attention to the internet and having spent some time researching garden offices, they both fell in love with the SMART Affinity.  The specification was soon finalised, and the order placed.

The next step was for Oliver to carry out the work required on the garden to create the space for the garden office.

After weeks of back breaking work, shifting 40 tonnes of soil, creating a tiered garden with raised planters and installing a concrete pad, the garden was finally ready to take delivery of the garden office.

Working to the production company’s tight timescale, the SMART installation team had the new garden office installed in just 3 days.

Rhianne & Oliver then wasted no time in moving the furniture into the new office space and adding the finishing touches to their garden. The result was incredible and Rhianne and Oliver were over the moon with their new space. The garden room has provided them with more than they could ever have imagined.

Sarah explained “The key with this project was to use the garden and make it an extra room, so effectively extending without extending and that will make the rest of the house work so much better”.

When asked what they thought of their new space, Rhianne said:

“The garden office has shown us that we could use the garden as part of our house, have a room in itself, that could be its own space. We’ve got everything you would get in a normal room, power and internet, it’s brilliant”.

When asked how they found their SMART experience, Rhianne said:

We are absolutely over the moon! The team you sent were lovely! I’d happily have them back, they were probably the most polite, courteous and hard-working tradespeople we’ve had on site. They were an absolute pleasure and they’ve done a brilliant job, please thank them for us and I hope they have a safe trip back”.

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Building Specification

  • 3.7m x 2.6m Affinity
  • Hidden roof with larch fascia
  • Anthracite Grey UPVC doors and windows 
  • Larch Panelling
  • Dark Oak laminate flooring
  • Popular 2 Interior – White silk interior with painted timber beading 
  • Interior LED Downlights 
  • Exterior LED puddle lighting

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