Unusual Uses For A SMART Garden Room
17 October 2018

Unusual Uses For A SMART Garden Room

Here at SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios, we’re used to crafting professional garden offices for homes across the UK. In fact, we’ve been doing so for well over a decade, creating and installing our much-loved collection in hundreds of happy customers’ gardens.

Our name reflects where it all began, with garden offices, a space created for you, to work and find the peace and quiet you need to focus. Since our launch, the idea of the garden office has taken off and is now a well-established, superior way of working from home.

However, since our launch, the name SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios has slowly started to mean SMART Garden “whatever you want it be!” with homes across the UK using our rooms for an array of reasons. Although home offices are still firmly on the list of favourite uses, we’ve listed a few of our favourite, quirky ways our SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios have been used…

Living the high life… as a prized rabbit

Want to read that again? Well, we simply loved this project. In consultation with our client, we designed the perfect room in which to keep their most prized and loved pet. Our brief was to provide a sanctuary to keep him warm, safe and sound – and we certainly delivered. With full insulation and double glazing, he was warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and had a space to bask in a life of luxury!

Keeping your train of thought

Our client, a model railway enthusiast, contacted us as his hobby had quickly outgrown the space in the house and his partner’s tolerance. Therefore, space was needed to enjoy and keep his hobby (and marriage!) on track. With such valuable items, we were delighted that the project became ours. Offering a watertight, high-quality room where the owner could sleep tight knowing these collectables were safe and sound.

Never judge a book by its cover…

On the outside, you’d see one of your stunning SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios, painted in the customer’s chosen colour and with windows and doors configured to suit, on the inside you’d step into a Tardis of books collected over a lifetime. Stacked back to back and floor to ceiling on our custom made shelves, a hidden library lay right at the end of the garden.


OK, so maybe your new room isn’t going to be as ‘out there’ as some of our most memorable SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios. However, the fantastic spaces we create can be used for a multitude of reasons and we’re here to make sure nothing stops you from creating your perfect garden space.

From SMART Garden art studios, yoga studios, craft rooms and more, our SMARTs are whatever you want them to be. You have the freedom to configure the windows and doors, roofline, colour, flooring and much more.

Each and every SMART is hand-crafted at our manufacturing hub in Suffolk and delivered and installed in your garden by our installation professionals.

You can see more garden rooms by reading our case studies.

Of course, our garden offices experts are always here to answer any questions you may have, or to arrange your free, no-obligation site survey.