3 Simple Ways to Make The Most of Your SMART Space
10 October 2018

Garden Room Ideas | Making The Most of Your SMART Space

Key Studio Garden Room

Garden Room Ideas

Here at SMART, we have created seven distinct and powerful garden room ranges that offer a style to suit you, your home and your use.

The designs have been carefully curated and over the years and have adapted to match changing trends. For example, our ground-breaking Ultra range, Great British modern design at its peak, or our Temple Folly – soaked in rich architectural history. Every range is designed with a style that is truly unique to the garden room market.

The external styles have been painstakingly crafted to make sure you have a garden studio that feels unique to you and suits where you live and how you’re planning on using the garden studio. Our Suffolk Barn has a rustic feel loved by numerous artists across the UK and our chic Belle range has captured the hearts and creative minds of many.

However, the flexibility and freedom to create a truly enviable space, isn’t contained to the outside…

Our stunning ranges are available in up to 10 sizes and each of these sizes gives you the footprint to truly make your mark and allow your SMART studio to become your favourite room at home. The sizes range from one-person hideaways to five-person workspaces, even allowing for partition walls.

We work with you to design your ultimate space, from initial concept through to configuration; then we get to work handcrafting the entire building from start to finish, by your side, ready to assist every step of the way.

So, if you’re planning on installing or already have one of our genius SMART studios, here’s our expert guide to maximising space, whatever the size.

Art Room

Garden Art Room

Paint Pots, Paperwork or Poetry

All too often, you can fall into the trap of putting furniture into a room and taking up unnecessary square-footage. Chunky filing cabinets, standalone book shelves or storage units can steal space in a room. That’s why we have the added option of custom-made bookshelves, giving you the flexibility to decide on depth, width, shelving patterns and colour. You can store your beloved classics, put away paint pots or keep important documents safely without feeling like you’ve had to make a compromise on floor space.

We Mean Business

If you’re planning on using your new SMART Garden Room as an office, our bespoke and intuitive handmade desks can help you with your seating plan. There’s the clever Single Boomerang that can nestle into the corner of your office, perfect for more compact footprints or the Double Boomerang that gives you enough desk space for two, whilst taking up less space than two standalone desks. Either way, these custom-built workstations will help you maximise your space, whether you’re in a Micro or a Quarto.

All of our desks are handcrafted at our manufacturing hub in Suffolk, and available in a choice of colours, meaning you can save space and have the ultimate power desk all at once – a win/win!

SMART Garden Office Interior

Reach for the Sky…

We like to think outside of the box every now and again… literally! The majority of our sizes allow you to opt for a more dramatic roof line. Meaning if your footprint is decided for you, either by space in the garden or budget, our roof lines can offer you the opportunity to create a more open garden room. From dual pitched to highline, the sweeping beams and porthole windows create a truly impressive space.

Consider yourself inspired!

As always, if you’re looking to find out more about the SMART range, you can get in touch with the garden office experts on 01473 833 997 or email us at hello@smartgardenoffices.co.uk, we’re always happy to help.

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