Why Every Woman Needs a SMART She Shed
24 October 2018

Why Every Woman Needs a SMART She Shed

She Shed; noun

The female equivalent to a Man Cave.

Who knows why the She Shed has only taken off? It certainly should have happened a long time ago. But it’s OK, take a deep breath, they’re officially here – and every woman needs one! The Man Cave is a thing, so the She Shed is 100% absolutely here to stay too.

Shed isn’t really in our vocabulary, however, on this occasion we’re happy to call them SMART She Sheds and create an exception to the rule, mainly because it’s slightly catchier than “A fully insulated double glazed garden room, built using our robust and rigid TuSc construction system – configured by you to create your dream room.” It doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? So we’re making an exception, just this once, and the exception is for the one and only She Shed.

They come in many forms, yet here’s the one defining rule for all SMART She Sheds –

Garden Art Studio

This space is 100% unequivocally yours and you can use it however you so wish

The Man Cave has a rival in town and she’s not holding back, you only have to see how these rooms can be used to realise why it really is true, every woman needs a SMART She Shed.

Run the world

Running a business? Working from home? Need a space away from office distractions or a safe haven to build your empire? We’ve got the answer – yeah, you guessed it – a She Shed. Perfect for use 365 days of the year, no matter the weather, your SMART Garden room is there for you and if you’re going all-out, your new space can come complete with partition walls to create meeting spaces for the lucky few that are allowed to enter or can be customised with handmade furniture for that extra special touch. Either way, no distractions, total comfort and space away from all the noise awaits – you’ll be running the world in no time.

Escape the world

OK, so maybe running the world can wait until Monday and what you really need is a space away from it all. The rules apply too, this space is all yours. Comfy couches, your favourite read, just a cold bottle of your favourite tipple – well, it’s waiting for you and you’ll be safe and sound in our thick chunky insulated walls and high spec doors and windows. The world can wait.

Beautiful Garden Room on Cornwall Coast

Create your world

Looking for a space to get creative or to enjoy and explore your hobby? No worries – yoga studio, art studio, craft room, the She Shed is a perfect place to explore those much love pastimes or to discover your new favourite way to spend time. With the option of a high-line roof you can create extra room for those yoga stretches or master pieces.

Work or play, every women deserves a She Shed and we’re here to help. With six ranges to suit every style, from the chic Belle to the modern Ultra, you’ll be able to find a She Shed that is you, through and through.

We’re always on hand to help you create your space too. Order your free catalogue and book your free site consultation today. Or if you’re simply looking for a chat, get in touch with our garden office experts, who will be happy to talk to you about the process of creating your SMART She Shed.