Outdoor Classrooms: Extra space made fun!
11 September 2023

Outdoor Classrooms: Extra space made fun!

Garden rooms aren’t just for residential use, and they don’t just have to be in your garden! They can create an outdoor space for anyone, anywhere. 

Using a garden room for an education facility is a cost-effective, quick way to provide extra space to students. Not only will it benefit students but the environment too!


Benefits of a garden room classroom

 There are many benefits as to why garden room classrooms are great for schools. We have listed below why a SMART Garden Room is great for education.


  • Cost effective compared to an extension.
  • Quick installation for half terms and school holidays.
  • Concrete FREE.
  • A wide range of extra options to create a classroom that suits your school.
  • Install nationwide.
  • Keeps children close to nature.
  • Education made fun!


How are they made?

 Just like any normal SMART Garden Room, whether it be our Key Studio Range or our Ultra Range, our buildings are all installed with the same process. It is the same for an outdoor classroom! 

 Made from raw materials in our factory in the heart of Suffolk, Thurston, the buildings are made in house, ready to be built on-site. Our hard-working installers then construct the modular buildings within 3-5 days, creating a brand new learning space.

 Our buildings are concrete FREE, meaning they are safe from any dangerous materials causing risk to students and employees of the school. Constructed using high quality timber, our buildings are safe and child friendly!


Case Studies

 Over the years, SMART has helped many schools across the UK by providing more educational facilities to schools and colleges. Here are just some of the ones we have completed below!

Framlingham, Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVA Primary and Nursery School. Our Key Studio range as an outdoor class and bathroom with disabled access. Supported by Edward Sheeran.


Rattlesden Primary School. Used as an outdoor library for children in our Key Studio Range. Supported by GeeWizz Charity.


Thorndon CEVC Primary School. Used as an outdoor classroom in our ULTRA Range.


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