How Working From Home can help fight Climate Change!
28 September 2023

How Working From Home can help fight Climate Change!

Working from home is the new norm for many companies and their employees, thanks to COVID-19, work life has never been the same! Remote work doesn’t just offer freedom and flexibility, but it can also help save the planet too. Whether it’s working in a SMART Garden Office or even from your kitchen table (we recommend a garden Office!), WFH is fighting climate change.

 How does WFH help the planet?

According to research from The Washington, researchers found that from working in an office setting to at home, will reduce an employee’s carbon emissions by 50%! Most of the emissions were produced through the commute that is needed, whether that be by car, train, or bus.

Research also found that by employees working from home between 2-4 days a week, will reduce emissions by 11-29%. C02 emissions are also emitted due to a large amount of office energy being used, such as electricity. Little do we know, just how much impact our job is having on the planet.

Garden Offices and WFH

We understand that not everyone has the space for an office in their house, which is why SMART is here to help you! Having a Garden office in your outdoor space keeps you close to your home but keeps your work and home life separate. The commute to work suddenly becomes 10 steps, using no transport and no carbon emissions.

SMART have installed many garden offices and pods over the years, and we have 8 unique ranges that you can choose from to create your own bespoke garden office that suits you and your work life.

 Our Belle Range is a very popular choice for customers when choosing their garden office. A building full of charm but intelligence, a perfect choice to make when personalising your dream workspace.

Ultra Range Garden Room


The ULTRA range is also another favourite of our customers for a luxury garden office. Designed as either a Garden office pod or any other size, you can customise the building to how you want. Don’t forget our extra options and features that we offer!


Other benefits of a Garden Office and WFH

Not only does working from home help fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions, but it can also bring many benefits to both your work and personal life!

Reduces stress – Working from an environment where you are comfortable and relaxed will help to reduce your stress and have a positive impact upon your mental health.

Improves work/life balance – Having a different, private space for work will keep the two separate, making it easier for you to switch off and truly relax.

Fast turnaround – Getting a garden office compared to an extension is a more cost-effective and quicker approach to creating a workspace that suits you. At SMART, our buildings take between 2-5days to install causing minimal disruption to your work life.

Increases property value – Having a garden office is more likely to increase your property value when placed on the market.

Help save the planet by working from home, invest in you and your work life today by starting your garden office journey. Request a brochure today to explore what SMART can do for you! You can also book a FREE site consultation.

Or call us on 0800 242 5559 if you have any questions or queries!

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