Design Inspirations for Your Own Man Cave
23 July 2020

Design Inspiration for Your Own Outdoor Man Cave

Design Inspiration for Your Own Outdoor Man Cave

Throughout the past few months, the creation of Man caves and She sheds has become a popular trend for a lot of UK households as we find ourselves with spare time and money to invest in home improvements. The spare bedroom is usually looked at as the go to space when creating an area for relaxing and enjoying time away from others that live in the same household – but why not consider using the extra space in your garden?

As we are now in the height of summer, we find ourselves naturally spending more time in the garden and outdoor spaces. As a result of this, we are now seeing a popular rise in the conversion of outdoor sheds and garden buildings into man caves and she sheds, but rather than converting an already useful space, why not invest in your very own garden room that can be used 365 days a year no matter what the weather.

SMART Garden Office Interior

Why Have Man Caves Become So Popular?

Having a space to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day can be extremely important for the mental well-being of the occupier. A space in which you can escape life’s pressures just meters away from your household can have a massive impact, allowing the body to regulate emotions through the enjoyment of personal hobbies and socialising that might take place within a self-created space. It is just as important in a healthy relationship that taking time to yourself allows for personal reflection, a man cave can provide a space to enjoy on your own or socialising with others.

As the idea of creating a personal space is now becoming more of a reality for many people, a few solutions can be considered to house the man cave. With the idea of having a separate space away from the house, many are opting for garden sheds and buildings to escape the stress from everyday life, these do however only have a short life span and are totally impractical as the colder days and nights draw in. A purpose-built garden room will provide the perfect space to house a man cave and will be usable all year round. As these types of spaces are becoming more popular, we take a look at what makes the perfect man cave.

Games Room

3 Outdoor Man Cave Designs That We Love

Since the pubs closed in March of 2020 due to the lockdown restrictions, many people all over the country have found ways to construct their own garden pub to accommodate their drinking, relaxing and socialising whilst just meters from their house. Designing the perfect space has never been easier than with a purpose-built garden room. By adding a bar and optics, a beer chiller, a TV for all those important sporting events, and just for good measure, throw in some ambient lighting, you can create a unique and enjoyable space.

Despite pubs and bars beginning to reopen this month, this rising trend is set to continue as many continue to invest money into their homes & gardens, providing them a safe and secure space just a few steps from their house.

Bar Inside Ultra Office

A Bar Inside One of Our Ultra Offices

When it comes to creating a practical workspace within our own homes, we tend to look no further than the classic garden shed or end up taking over valuable space in our garages. With the rise in DIY becoming a popular hobby, every DIYer deserves a dedicated and secure space to house all those tools bought over the last couple of months – from paintbrushes to drills to industrial chop saws.

Having a dedicated creative space to construct whatever comes to mind can be vital to many workshop enthusiasts, seeing their personal workshop as a space to enjoy their hobby to the fullest and distract themselves from everyday stresses. A place to contemplate and be creative without the worry of having to clear up at the end of each day.

Have you ever tried to play a board game with your family around an extremely tight dining table or are you fed up of that snooker table eating into your living space? – Not fun! It is fair to say that these games can often be spoilt if not played in the right space. A dedicated garden room can make an amazing games room especially as you have the freedom to add as little or as much glass as you like. Garden rooms are extremely versatile spaces enabling you to enjoy time on your own or with others, in an environment where comfort is key.

Understanding what makes the ideal games room can sometimes be underestimated and undervalued to the benefits it can have on your mental health. Spending a couple of hours in the evening chilling out with the latest Xbox game or with friends on a Friday night playing monopoly does not have to be big or break the bank. The popular introduction of garden rooms used as man caves over recent years allows for the space to be dedicated for certain activities to thrive – one of which is gaming.

Games Room Inside Garden Office

Games Room Inside a SMART Garden Office


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Market trends in smaller garden buildings show a popular rise in consumer demand as many are finding themselves with a bit of extra cash after a few months saving over the lockdown period and what better use to put that spare cash to than to invest in a small man cave.

With the multitude of activities in which a garden building can be used for, it is understandable how they are becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. Here at SMART we offer 7 fantastic ranges of garden offices, buildings, and studios for you to create your very own man cave or she shed in your garden. Our experienced team will take time to understand your every need when creating your perfect space.

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