Running a Successful Art Business from Home in 5 Easy Steps
15 July 2020

Running a Successful Art Business from Home in 5 Easy Steps

Running a Successful Art Business from Home in 5 Easy Steps

Are you an artist who has always dreamt about turning your passion into an art business from home?

Artistic talent is something that some people are lucky to be born with. They can visualise and create things that others can only dream about. If this sounds like you, then perhaps now is the time to set up your own art business from home.

Here’s some advice on how to make the most of your art studio, and what you need to do to turn your creative talent into a thriving business.

Art Studio Interior

Art Studio from The Temple Folly

Create your Masterpieces

Henri Matisse famously said that “creativity takes courage” and this is true of all artists. If you’re looking to set up a new business devoted to your art, then you need to be brave and take a leap of faith.

Setting up a new business is never easy, and as an artist, you need to feel confident that your new business won’t distract from your creativity and passion for art. That’s why you need to have a clear idea in your mind of what you want to do and how you plan to do it.

To create a successful art business from home, what you create must be saleable. You may choose to specialise in watercolours, oil painting, sketching. You may even create commissioned sculptures or ceramics. What’s important is that you are creating art that you enjoy and are inspired by what you want to make.

Once you have settled on a specialism, you need to think carefully about your target audience. Art is a notoriously tough profession to become successful in. For every David Hockney or Jenny Saville, there will be a struggling artist unsure of how to proceed in their art business. You may choose to make the most of social media platforms to build awareness of your art. Or you could choose to sell your creations online through the likes of Etsy or Not on The High Street.

We highly recommend that you take your time with commercial research. Look at what customers are buying. Find out where they purchase items and how much they’re willing to pay. Once you have this clear in your mind, you can start to look into the specifics of how to set up an art business from home.

From Fun to Finance: Turning your Passion into a Business

Whilst you may dream of simply spending your days sketching, the reality is that setting up an art business from home can take a lot of administrative time and effort.

However, successful artists blend their creative side with practicality. They know that to make a profit, prices need to reflect more than just the cost of the raw materials.

Here are just a few tips that may help you to think about the practicalities involved in setting up a business.

  1. What type of art? It goes without saying that sketch artists may have considerably lower set-up costs than sculptors. You may need to have investment to ensure that you have the raw artistic materials that you need to start your business. Make sure that you keep thorough records of any expenditure relating to your art business.
  2. What is your pricing structure? Many artists don’t know how to value their work. You need to factor in how much money you have spent on materials as well as how long the artwork has taken you to complete. If it’s commissioned work, make sure you factor in the time you spend liaising with your customer meeting their specifications.
  3. Who is your audience? Think about who will be buying your product. Will they have the disposable income for a bespoke piece? Or do they simply want an existing piece of artwork personalised? Are they hoping for an investment piece? Once you’re aware of who your audience is, you can start to price your artwork accordingly.


Document your Journey Online

To set up a thriving art business from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need to have an online presence.

As well as having a dedicated website, you should create social media profiles that link directly to your work. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can direct huge traffic to your website and increase your artistic profile. A top tip is to think about the content that you share. Audiences aren’t just interested in your final product; they love to learn about your creative processes. You may choose to film yourself talking about your inspirations or create ‘how-to’ videos to showcase your skill and knowledge.

If you’re considering building an art studio in the garden, you could document the whole process. As well as showcasing your creative personality, you could take audiences through the key considerations as to what makes an inspirational studio space. This content will not just sit on your website, it can be used to feed through to your social media channels, helping you to grow your audience base. This can, in turn, lead to new customer sales – especially if you’ve incorporated an e-commerce element into your website.


Creating the Perfect Art Studio

We know that artists need more than just raw materials. To work effectively as an artist, you need a studio that inspires you – a space where you can create without distraction. Where you can lose yourself in your art and create something spectacular.

The best art studios combine space with natural light. It’s why so many artists choose to build an art studio in the garden. They can be surrounded by nature, whilst remaining at home. Having a garden art studio means that they can get to work when inspiration strikes – whether that’s early in the afternoon, or the middle of the night.

Of course, if you’re running your art business from your garden, you need to have space that works in all weather. When building a garden art studio, think of the insulation. It may be bliss painting in the summer months, but what about those bright, crisp winter mornings? It’s important that your garden art studio can comfortably accommodate you all year round.

Remember that this is a space where you will hopefully be spending most of your time. As your art business from home takes off, you need a space where you can toggle between your creative endeavours and running the business. That’s why SMART Garden Office’s Affinity range of garden studios is often a great choice for artists. By its very definition, ‘Affinity’ means connecting something new; fusing two spaces (outside and indoors) to create a symbiotic working space.

Affinity Garden Office

Affinity Garden Office Set Back in the Garden

Order your Studio

At SMART Garden Offices, we’ve worked closely with many artists to design the perfect studio for their needs. We can use the latest CAD/CAM technology to bring your vision to life. And with seven beautiful ranges available in up to 64 sizes, you can feel sure that your new garden art studio blends in with your home.

SMART Garden art studios are perfect for artists because we can offer unlimited floor to ceiling windows and double doors. Our experienced design team will work closely with you to understand where the light enters your garden, guaranteeing that you can benefit from a light and airy space.

What’s more, prices start from as little as £7,944 with financing options available and a ten-year guarantee. SMART can even install your new art studio in just a few days!

Order a copy of our brochure today and you can start planning your SMART garden art studio.