Creating a Healthier Work/Life Balance With a SMART Garden Office
09 May 2019

Creating a Healthier Work/Life Balance With a SMART Garden Office

Plenty has changed about the 9-5 working day over the last decade. With flexible working a hot topic for employees and employers, tradition is fading and we’re starting to work in ways we haven’t seen before.

This is mainly due to our ability to connect; phones, computers and tablets provide the ability to bring the office to your home, and to any room, meaning the office is quickly becoming a blurred line between virtual and reality. Add in rising rental costs for offices and it’s easy to see why employees, employers, freelancers and directors are working from home more than ever before.

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Whilst the office and virtual office lines are blurring, this also impacts on our work life and our home life becoming blurred too. ‘Switching off’ has never seemed more impossible, and the working day can very easily seep into what was once your chilled-out evening.

It works for some, yet not for everyone, the search for a new line between the work / life balance is officially on, and we’re here to help.

A Smart Garden Office means you can create a healthier work/life balance…

It works both ways

As good as our intentions may be, if home is our office temporarily or permanently, “other” tasks may shift our focus from the day job to the household jobs, distracting our attention and diminishing how effective we can be. A Smart Garden Office could be the ideal fix to keep you focused and not allow your mind to wander!

Flexibility is key to creating a balance

Take away a lengthy commute, lunch sat at your desk and “staying behind after work” and you’ll soon find yourself with as much as a few hours spare each day. Meaning you can dedicate this new found time to allowing the balance to shift in whichever way your favour – be it giving yourself enough time to get the job done properly, or to simply cook dinner or put your feet up.

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Out of sight, out of mind

Switching off is tough if you’ve got work lying about the house, or the faint “ping” of emails can be heard from the multiple devices scattered about. Having a secure, safe, 365-day garden office to simply walk out and shut the door on at the end of the day, is a great way of literally keeping work ‘out of sight’ and then ‘out of mind’! Meaning when it’s time to return to work, it feels like you have actually managed to have a bit of a break!

Balancing the books can help too

Finances both personal and business alike are a big part of everything we do, saving money on running costs, commutes or even those naughty shop bought lunches can be a great way of balancing these finances and your work life balance. In particular, the cost of starting up a business is difficult to ignore, so an office to call your own, without expensive rental fees can be a great way to get things started and less stressful!

There are so many ways a Smart Garden Office can you get things into focus, and find what you’re looking for when it comes to your work / life balance.

From escaping emails to finding more space in the house, it really is an initiative solution that can add a real benefit to your business and personal life.

We don’t do the “one size fits all” approach either. Our Smart Garden Offices are all about you and your style. From modern to chic, charming to sleek, there’s a style for everyone.

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