Why a SMART Garden Room is Perfect For Economic Climate
23 May 2019

Why a SMART Garden Room is Perfect For The Current Economic Climate


It is a fact that our modern day lifestyles are full of stresses, strains and uncertainties, and it is a hard call to work out what is best for you and your family in these confusing times. However, garden rooms can be the right solution for you due to the benefits and value it adds to you, your family and property value.

Stagnant Housing Market

The housing market is always a volatile market so if you’re thinking that you’ve got no choice as you need the extra room, a place to work from home, or somewhere for the family to get some quality time to together, then stop – you do have another choice!

High Costs & Stresses Associated With Moving

Banish the unrecoverable costs and stress associated with moving and opt for a more affordable, stress free approach to home improvements. Installing a SMART garden room means no moving chains, no endless paperwork or costly solicitors!

Garden Rooms take away The Mess & Stress of Extending

A SMART garden room is fully installed by our own professional team of expert craftsmen in a matter of a just a few days and in the main, they do not require planning permission either. That means no architects, no planning officers, no building control, no wet or dry trade and no endless weeks of dust, noise or mess. It really is that simple!

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Brexit Uncertainty

It’s becoming quite the pain, and knowing what to do before and after Brexit is becoming increasingly blurred, but we can’t always put our lives on hold and we shouldn’t, and a SMART garden room really is a dead cert when it comes to needing more space. It is quicker, less stressful, and far cheaper than moving or extending, and will still add value to your property!

Healthier Work Life Balance

Flexible working is a hot topic for employees and employers, tradition is fading and we’re starting to work in ways we haven’t seen before. So you can now banish those hours spent in traffic every morning, forget road rage, late trains and busy buses, ignore rising rental costs and simply take a short walk from your back door to work. It’s easy to see why employees, employers, freelancers and directors are working from home more than ever before!

Utilising What You Already Have

Installing a SMART garden room, office or studio means you can have a new room to escape to or work from, and enjoy 365 days of the year, making your garden the perfect place to invest in. It really is a win-win situation!

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Peace of mind is a benefit that we all want and that is exactly what you get! Every Smart comes with a 10 year peace of mind structural warranty, meaning you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected, exactly as you would expect with a new build!

Does a SMART Add Value To Your Property?

Yes, and in more ways than one! The cost of your home will increase by installing a SMART Garden Room which is great news, whether you’re planning to sell or not!

Garden rooms are also a great way of increasing the interest in your home when placing it on the market. A standalone usable space, surrounded by nature, which can be used 365 days a year, really is a great selling point!

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What Are You Waiting For?

With so many advantages, you’ll wonder why you even ever asked the question and there’s plenty of ways you can take the first step to owning your new SMART: