SMART Temple Folly - The Ideal Garden Art Studio
02 May 2019

SMART Temple Folly – The Ideal Garden Art Studio


Every one of our six SMART ranges is versatile, adaptive and can be used for a whole host of different and interesting ways due to them being designed for all year round use.

There is one, however, that stands out above all the rest for use as a Garden Art Studio – our stunning Temple Folly range.

A SMART Garden Art Studio is perfect for getting creative, in your own space, and what’s more, you can rest easy knowing these beautiful artists’ studios have been tried and tested across the UK and have had the seal of approval from other creatives up and down the country.

Temple folly Garden Studio

Maximum Light

Natural light is one of the most important elements in any art studio and with the Temple Folly range, this is completely within your control. The Temple Folly was created as a contemporary twist on the classic architectural wonder of the Orangery, with the perfect balance of light, architecture and style.

Like an orangery, the Temple Folly has the unique addition of extra glazing. This comes in the form of an abundance of floor-to-ceiling double-glazed glass panels and a stunning front gable glass feature above the entrance at the front of the building, which offers traditional warmth combined with special design features to let in more sunlight than any of our other ranges.

What’s more, you have the complete freedom to place the windows and doors on your SMART, wherever you wish, letting that light flood in.

Art Studio

Surrounded By Nature

One of the best parts of having a Temple Folly Art Studio nestled in your own garden is that you are going to be surrounded by nature and tranquillity.

Home comforts and familiar surroundings all induce a sense of calm in our busy lives, so working in a space that was designed by you, complete with your own personal touches, is the perfect way to work and get the creative inspiration flowing.

Peace & Quiet

Peace and quiet can be a rarity in this modern age, and this is just another one of the reasons that our Art Studios are loved so much. No busy studios, no interruptions, just calm and quiet so that you can focus on your work.

What’s more, not having to tidy everything away to make space at home or for the next person just adds to all the benefits, you can officially have your own space to truly get creative!

No Travelling To a Rented Studio

More time, more space, less traffic, less stress – well, that’s a win all round!

No costly rental, no distractions and no following everyone else’s rules – now doesn’t that sound just perfect?

Perfect for you to stay in the right frame of mind for creativity and giving you that extra little bit of time to keep going with your work.

Temple Folly Range

Get Creative All Year Round

Our Temple Folly Garden Art Studios are as you would expect – fit for purpose, and can see you through the warmest of summers and harshest of winters, keeping you comfortable all year round, so you never have to take time away from being creative!

Your SMART Art Studio is your space, meaning it’s private and secure, so you can work on your masterpieces away from prying eyes, and when you’re ready to go home and take a break, you can lock it away, knowing your work is safe from the harshest of weather and any intruders.

SMART brochure

Want To Know More?

The Temple Folly design is actually a piece of art in itself and includes detailed, intricate lines, which are complemented by the front glass gable. With an extensive choice of sizes, colours, finishes, and a wide range of optional extras, you really do have the freedom to create your perfect Temple Folly Art Studio.

Get in touch with the SMART team today to order your free catalogue or to book your free no-obligation site survey.