Which SMART is Right For You?
12 September 2019

Which SMART is Right For You?

As a committed British manufacturer, every SMART range has been developed over the past 18 years to ensure that we offer a style and size to suit all tastes, garden sizes and budgets.

We offer 7 diverse ranges, available in over 60 sizes and when you combine that with limitless upgrades and optional extras to create the perfect bespoke space for each customer.

1. Affinity Range

Garden Room

With Optional Canopy, The Affinity Range Offers modern Inside/Outside Living conditions, great for entertaining, having a hot tub, or just a space to relax in the shade.

Our Affinity Garden Room is possibly our most popular design with the rise of contemporary design interest and beautiful warm tones of the Quality Larch Wood.

Durability and the requirement of minimal maintenance means this would work great for anybody with a busy working lifestyle, a busy family, who require attention and care.

2. Ultra Range

Representing contemporary British design at its best.

Our Ultra garden room is one of the best-selling garden rooms in the UK, with beautiful powerful lines combined with soft curves to create an iconic design statement.

Boasting clean and crisp architectural lines, mixed with stunning and unique design features, the Ultra is a breath-taking studio. The floating cedar panels provide definition that truly sets it apart from many other contemporary designs. The front portico entrance with integral decking, shapes the building and will entice you in.

The Ultra is all about the detail and as with all SMART garden rooms, designed with incredible strength and minimal maintenance in mind.

With over 60 sizes to choose from, the Ultra will fit beautifully into any space and will blend effortlessly with modern surroundings or provide an exhilarating contrast in more traditional settings. Add some exterior lighting in the portico or on the deck and this really will be an illuminating garden room that all your friends will be green with envy over.

The Ultra makes the perfect Man Cave!

Ultra Range

3. Temple Folly Range

A timeless and enduring icon of style.

Our Temple Folly range is the newest addition to our range and is a modern twist on the architectural wonders of Orangeries. Designed to offer a truly unique range to our collection, there is nothing else quite like it in the garden room market place.

The perfect balance of light, architecture and style, with sleek yet intricate lines and a stunning front glass gable feature. The features carry on inside too with a stunning vaulted ceiling with beautiful timber rafters, providing the most wonderfully light and airy space.

The Temple Folly has also been designed with narrow gardens in mind as the glass gable features sits best on the narrow end, a truly enviable garden room.

As with all SMART garden rooms, the Temple Folly can have as much or as little double glazing as you like and boasts industry leading insulation in the floor, the walls and the ceiling, providing a room that is truly usable all year round.

The Temple Folly makes the perfect Art Studio.

4. Suffolk Barn Range

A timeless design, soaking up our Suffolk heritage.

Our Suffolk Barn range exudes rural charm and is perfect for those that prefer a more traditional design. Beautifully proportioned with a soft and gentle exterior, the double layered weather board which has been used as an exterior cladding for British buildings for hundreds of years, helps create a charming and graceful building. However, don’t be misled, it may be a traditional looking building but it has 21st century construction running all the way through it.

A Suffolk Barn will bring the countryside to wherever you are and blends beautifully into any surrounding.

With over 15 exterior colours to choose from and the option to add a stunning high line vaulted roof with porthole windows, the Suffolk Barn is a truly beautiful space to work or relax in. As with all SMART garden rooms, the Suffolk barn comes with peace of mind from our 10 year structural warranty and a minimum life expectancy of 25 years.

The Suffolk Barn makes the perfect hobby room.

Suffolk Barn Range

5. Belle Range

Providing the perfect fusion of elegance and intelligent design.

Our Belle range creates an ultra-chic room with redefined style, charm and hidden strength and has been fast approaching the popularity of our Ultra range.

The Belle was created to offer more personalisation and styling choices, the ultimate rival to the masculinity of a man cave! Contemporary combined with simple, classic lines, the Belle is intelligent and strong with a charm of its own providing a serene and irresistible space.

With a wide variety of painted interiors in a soft natural hue and an impressive range of interior lighting options, you can easily create a magical haven that will quickly become your favourite room. As with all painted SMART garden rooms, the 15 years colour stain is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

The Belle makes the perfect Chic Retreat.

6. Key Studio Range

Warm and inviting, with contemporary lines.

Our Key Studio range combines soft thermo-wood with a crisp design, allowing the natural tones to make their own stunning statement. The soft style of the thermo-wood panels creates an entirely new look when combined with the modern mono pitch roof. The subtle overhang provides a small canopy and can be enhanced with down lighters in the soffits.

With the option to select the colour of your chassis, fascia and windows, from striking black or contemporary grey (or even a combination of the two), you can design a truly unique and modern garden room. Created to be the ‘baby’ of our contemporary ranges, the Key comes with a very appealing price point and is very popular with those on a limited budget.

However, as with all SMART garden rooms, the Key offers the same quality, strength and rigidity as all our other ranges due to our unique TuSC construction system.

The Key Studio makes the perfect family room.

Key studio office in garden


7. Evolve Range

Strong, handsome and affordable.

Our latest Evolve range is quintessentially British with a subtle charm and was the flagship SMART range for several years. With timeless proportions based upon classic British architecture with integrated cladding providing a smooth, clean finish, the Evolve offers a handsome and versatile garden space, whilst being remarkably affordable.

The low line pitched roof adds a charm of its own and is planning friendly. Hand painted in a wide variety of colours, you can create a unique space to call your own, without breaking the budget. Add a splash of grey UPVC and full length glass panels and you can add a modern twist.

As with all SMART garden rooms, every aspect is manufactured in the UK and fully installed by our own professional team of craftsmen.

The Evolve makes the perfect garden office.

Evolve Range Garden Office

What is The Difference Between The Ranges?

Whilst all of our ranges sport a different external look, they are all build using our unique TuSC construction method, so in terms of quality, insulation and longevity, there is absolutely no difference, we just lovingly refer to them as having different dresses on! All you need to do is decide which one is your ideal look and then get creative. With so many optional extras and upgrades you can create a garden room that is truly unique to you.

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