A Garden Room is The Smart Solution To Create More Space
19 September 2019

Why a Garden Room is The Smart Solution To Create More Space

Space is such a premium in our modern day lives; space to grow, space to develop; space to recharge our batteries and space to breathe, but with growing families and more and more of us working from home, adding extra space to your home is a great solution, but with so many options open to you, how do you make the right choice for you and your family.

Many methods require patience, endurance and project managing as well as being very intrusive to your everyday life over a lengthy period of time. So before making that all important decision, let us explain why installing a garden room really could be your best option to extend.

Add An Extension

Adding an extension to your house can be more stressful than moving, especially if you are still planning on living on site whilst the work is being carried out, and it can often cost a lot more too.

You will also require planning permission and Building Control sign off and Building Regs approval which will prolong the process and can be extremely tedious.

Extending is deemed as one of the most popular ways to add value to your home but only if the work is carried out to a high standard and compliments your home.

The minimum cost that you can expect to pay for a single storey extension (without flooring or electrics) is in the region of £1,850 per m2.

Convert Your Loft

A loft conversion is the most intrusive form of adding space to your home, especially if you are still in situ whilst the work is being carried out.

There can also be limitations as to what is possible depending on the layout of your house and it often includes additional work to the main structure. A loft conversion generally takes between 4-6 weeks to carry out so is a long time to deal with the day to day disruption.

Loft conversions can also add value to your home if it is carried out well and to a high standard. The minimum cost that you can expect to pay for a loft conversion (without flooring or electrics) is in the region of £1,320 per m².

Convert Your Garage

Often when additional space is needed, our attentions can turn to converting our garage space, if we have one, as this is one of the least disruptive methods of converting, as it doesn’t have the same impact as a loft conversion or even an extension.

It is not unusual in this day and age for new homes not to be provided with a garage so isn’t always a viable option. However, removing your parking and storage could actually devalue your home and deter any potential buyers when you come to sell.

The minimum cost that you can expect to pay for a garage conversion (without flooring or electrics) is in the region of £1,000 per m².

Build a Conservatory

Adding a conservatory has been a very popular way of adding much needed space to a house, with approx. 18% of households in Britain proudly owning one.

However, the Which? Guide to buying a conservatory highlights that this option isn’t as popular as you may think and that 44% of people who have had a conservatory built admit that they wish they had made an alternative choice. Regulating the temperatures in a conservatory can be difficult due to the materials it is made of, often hard to keep warm in the winter and difficult to keep cool in the summer.

They also do not wear too well and it doesn’t take long for a conservatory to appear in disrepair, requiring both time and money to rejuvenate it. The minimum cost that you can expect to pay for a garage conversion (without flooring or electrics) is in the region of £1,120 per m².

Garden Rooms

Whatever your taste, garden size or budget, adding a garden room is the perfect space creating solution. Garden rooms are quickly changing the way that we consider the space needed for ourselves and our families and completely outshines the more traditional methods detailed above.

It is quick, hassle free, cost effective and provides you with a room that is usable 365 days a year, no matter what the weather. It will also add interest and value to your property. As a stand-alone structure, a garden room provides complete separation from the distractions of day to day life providing a wonderfully secluded work space or a private space to relax or get creative.

A SMART garden room with flooring, internal electrics, UNLIMITED double glazing, installation, base & VAT starts at £938 per m².

With 6 beautiful and diverse ranges to choose from, in over 60 sizes along with a whole host of upgrades and optional extras, there will be a SMART to suit every taste, garden size and budget.

Designed to your specification and installed on site in a matter of just a few days, this method will cause minimal disruption and won’t impact on your day to day life.

Boasting full thermal insulation, unlimited double glazing, full installation and a peace of mind 10 year structural warranty, a SMART garden room really will be a solid investment.

So take a look at our 54-page catalogue and start to plan your additional space today.