What is a Shoffice?  “Shoffice” shed + office – Smart Garden Office Style — a shed that doubles as an office. Or simply, a garden office, art studio or hobby room
14 June 2018

What is a Shoffice?

“Shoffice” Explained…

“10am meeting in the Shoffice?”

Recent articles have declared a new age of working and new must have for all gardens, the “Shoffice” – well that’s left us in a difficult place, as the word shed is generally banned at Smart Garden HQ

However, for the purposes of this exercise, we’re happy to half use the word “shed” to help explain exactly why the “Shoffice” has been thrust into the limelight recently & why as a business owner, professional or hobbyist, the “Shoffice” isn’t a media trend, it’s a game changer, and why we’ve known that for years.


Ok, you’ve lost me, what exactly is a shoffice?

“Shoffice” shed + office – Smart Garden Office Style — a shed that doubles as an office. Or simply, a garden office, art studio or hobby room.


We really must define shed here, we’re not talking about the dilapidated wooden box at the end of the garden, used to store those bikes you were absolutely going to use every day or DIY ventures of the past. No. Our Garden “Shoffices” are an architectural masterpiece (we are of course biased, however take a look yourself) built using world class construction techniques, manufactured using high precision, state of the art machinery, with a lifetime of well over 25 years, the “Shoffice” is the cost effective, stylish alternative to an extension, conservatory or office rental solution.


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Fine, but I’m not working in a “Shoffice” in the winter, am I, seriously?


Of course you are, no walk to the train station, you don’t have to defrost your car and you certainly won’t need to leave five hours early to arrive on time. A standalone heater is plenty to keep you warm in the winter, and the insulation works both ways, meaning in the summer you’ll be a cool as a non-commuter.

Our Smart Garden Office owners we’re keen to boast about their commute during the last influx of snow: https://www.facebook.com/Smartgardenoffices/posts/1820892691294773

The price tag though, for a shed, really?

See previous definition. Shed has a whole new meaning, which turns out, is a very cost effective way of adding space at home, in comparison to extensions or conservatories, it really is a fool proof way of finding cost effective space.


Some articles have quoted as much as £70,000 for a “Shoffice” yet our prices start from the £8,000 region, ranging up to £29,000.



I need internet, plenty of light, and enough room for meeting, you can’t get that from a “shoffice” can you?


Smart Garden Offices are installed to allow for internet connection and with unlimited, free, double glazing, you can have as much or as little light as you want.


As for the footprint, you can start off from as little as 2m x 2m all the way up to 7m x 4m, meaning there’s room for you, a meeting room, leisure area and storage.


Not to mention, I don’t have the time to go through the planning permission process…

You most likely won’t. The majority of our collection doesn’t need planning permission & if circumstance dictates they do, we manage it all for you in house.


Prove they work…

You can see how some of our Smart Garden Office customers have put their Garden Offices to use in our gallery…


Enjoy the view


I’m intrigued…

You can find out more by ordering Smart Garden Offices (The UK’s original and most popular garden office and studio brand) catalogue here, or you can request a visit from one of our surveyors, which is free and of course, no obligation!