What foundations are needed for your Garden Room?
28 July 2023

What foundations are needed for your Garden Room?

Like anything in life, you must have a solid foundation to succeed (and for a SMART Garden Building)! This is why it is important that the right foundation base is suited for you and your dream garden room.

A clear outdoor space

First of all, your garden needs to have a clear space where your garden room can be situated. Our site consultants will assess and measure your chosen outdoor space at your FREE site consultation, to conclude whether it is suitable for your building.

If this isn’t the case with your garden, then don’t panic! Here at SMART, we offer groundwork services where we carry out basic site clearances, from removal of any existing woodsheds to small shrubs and trees. You can find out more about that by clicking here.


Ground screws for your garden room

Ground screws, also known as a grounding foundation, are an easy alternative to using a concrete base for your garden room. There are many benefits to using ground screws as your base:

  • More cost-effective than using concrete.
  • Causes minimal disruption to the environment.
  • They take up less time to install.

Here is an example of a ground screw base with our amazing AFFINITY Garden Room range.


Concrete base for your garden room

The other type of foundation we use for our bases is a 6” deep concrete ring beam. At SMART we often recommend this when:

  • Pipes are located underground.
  • Sandy soil
  • Boggy/wet ground
  • If you are thinking of having a canopy with a hot tub.


Our Belle range with a concrete base, pictured above.

If you have a pre-existing concrete slab in your garden already, it can be used as a base for your SMART Garden Room. There are just a few requirements needed, your base must have no cracks, the correct size and be a minimum of 6” deep.

Good news, if your base meets these requirements then it can be used as a foundation for your new garden studio.


Choosing your foundation

We know it can be a lot of information to take in, but we are here to help you at SMART. When our site consultants visit your chosen outdoor space, we will discuss what foundation will suit you and your project!

Your garden room base can be installed by our SMART Groundworks team as part of your garden room project. This additional cost will be added to your quotation, or we are more than happy to supply the specification for the concrete ring beam base for you to use your own contractor.

Whatever works best for you! Now that’s the SMART way!


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