Staycations - What are they? (UK)
01 October 2020

Staycations – What are they? (UK)

When it comes to our holidays, it’s easy to dream of faraway lands and sun-kissed seas. But in reality, taking some time to enjoy a simple staycation at home can be a wonderful way to relax and unwind.

For some people, a staycation can mean simply holidaying in good old Blighty, taking the time to visit quaint English towns or exploring our magnificent coastlines. For others, a staycation is about staying in your own home and spending your precious time doing the things that you love.

There are many debates to be had over the true definition of a staycation, so in a bid to remain impartial, here’s a quick definition from Collins Dictionary…

“A staycation is a holiday that you spend in your own home or your own country, relaxing and enjoying leisure activities there.”

With this definition in mind, we’re going to look at how you can enjoy a wonderful staycation at home, and how you can make the most of your outdoor room.


Why do you need a staycation?

There are many reasons why you may wish to participate in a staycation in the UK. In 2019, Barclays researched domestic tourism which revealed that Millennials are driving the staycation trend. It was discovered that 52% planned to holiday in the UK compared to the year before.

We’re not surprised that the Millennial generation is seeing the appeal of a UK holiday. They are the first generation to have grown up with package holidays as the ‘norm’ and may be looking to experience traditional English resorts as a way of exploring their homeland. Added into the fact that Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to be eco-conscious and socially aware, it’s shouldn’t be a surprise. They are attracted by holidays that are far more sustainable, less polluting, and are based upon supporting local UK businesses.

But it’s not just about the younger generations. Others may be drawn to holidaying in the UK because they are concerned by any potential travel restrictions. At the start of 2020, it was thought that Brexit would have the biggest impact on UK holiday makers’ destinations. The coronavirus pandemic, however, has made tourists realise what delights we have available on our doorstep.

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How to get the most out of your UK staycation

If you decide to have a UK staycation, then there are a few tips to help you make the most of your time off.

Staycation Tip #1 – Make sure you take the time to relax

It’s important that when you take a staycation that you do take the time to relax. This may be simply through lengthy lie-ins (complete with breakfast in bed) or it could be through taking the opportunity to read that must-read novel that everyone is raving about.

Staycation Tip #2 – Aim for a digital detox

The purpose of a holiday (whether it’s a staycation or a package deal abroad) is to switch off from work. Try to turn off your phone, mute your WhatsApp notifications, and temporarily disable your work emails.

Staycation Tip #3 – Don’t over-plan your day

Another handy tip is to sit back and see where the day takes you. Take your time to enjoy what you are doing at leisure. If something takes your fancy, then go with it.

Staycation Tip #4 – Explore the great outdoors

A massive benefit of UK staycations is having the opportunity to explore the Great British countryside. There are some wonderful locations to explore, from stunning Suffolk scenery through to the wonders of Cornwall or the mysterious Yorkshire Moors. You’ll soon be taking some super photos which will rival any Insta-travel blogger!

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Staycations are a perfect reason to get outside

Advice for staycations at home

On the flip side, if you choose to spend your staycation at home, it can be tough to relax and unwind. After all, there’s always the little jobs that need doing, from painting the woodwork, to weeding the garden or even tidying up the loft!

If you haven’t been able to get away this year, there are still multiple ways that you can turn your staycation at home into a dream holiday. In our view, it’s all about using your outdoor room and making the most of your garden space. A bit of imaginative thinking (and a search on Pinterest) can easily help you to transform your home into the perfect staycation.

Here are a few suggestions:

Give your garden office a temporary makeover

It may sound simple, but simply removing your laptop from your garden office could transform your office into a holiday dwelling. Once you free the limitations of viewing your garden room as an office, the world could be your oyster. If there is a particular destination you’ve been longing to visit, why not use that to inspire your new temporary makeover and bring that destination straight to your garden?

Turn your outdoor room into a luxury spa

If you need a little R and R, then you could turn your home yoga studio into your own personal spa. Thanks to some soft lighting, gentle music, and scented candles it could be easy for you to have a pamper day. To make it magical, you could hire a mobile beautician to come and provide some luxury treatments.

Make the most of your garden

Even if you’re not green-fingered, there is something relaxing about spending time in your garden. We recently shared details of how to create a low maintenance garden, and once your hard work is complete, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the benefits!

Bring the local restaurants to your garden

Just because you are on a staycation at home, doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy restaurant-quality food! One of our favourite tips is to transform your garden office into a garden restaurant.

You can change the theme every single night – for instance, one night, you could have a traditional pub meal, whilst the next you could explore tapas. All you need is some fairy lights, some cosy cushions, and the number of your local takeaway or Deliveroo driver and you can bring the delights of your local independent restaurants straight to your garden.

Create a summer reading retreat

One of the rules of a staycation at home is that you make time to do the things that you love. What could be more relaxing than sitting back and reading a good book? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Jane Austin or Marian Keyes. A thriller or a collection of short stories. What does matter is that you’re taking the time to look after yourself? So why not spend a few hours transforming your garden room into a summer reading retreat?

Outdoor room at nighttime

Make the most of your garden by spending time outside with your family

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