Garden Office Buying Tip
06 February 2013

Do’s and Don’t when buying a Garden Room: Buying Tips

There are a million and one new garden room websites springing up. Many of these look to be from “opportunists” with some CAD experience, but there are issues with this if you are serious about buying a quality garden office to last you a lifetime.

Here’s a simple tip for spotting a CAD drawing: Take a look at the grass around the door area. If it looks fresh and pristine then it’s an Artists Impression and likely to be from a company that may not know too much about real manufacture or installation.

We are all fully aware of the real difference between theory and practice and when comes to garden office design and manufacture these can be plentiful. Some amazing designs have been published in the press in the last few years – but many are simply fanciful in terms of turning into a sensible, usable and long-lasting space.

Here, at Smart, we do things in the real world. You won’t find any CAD simulations on our site – just proper, real buildings that we have built for hundreds of customers over the years.


Mott Affinity Garden Room