How much more would your home be worth with a Smart Garden Office?
08 August 2014

Garden Room Investment – How much more would your home be worth with a Smart Garden Office?

Reasons to invest in a Garden Room

Thinking about how garden rooms can increase your property costs? This can seem like an extravagance at first, but look a little deeper and you’ll soon discover that it can be a great benefit!

Apart from the money you could save on your commute or the fact that increasing your productivity could lead to more business success, having more living space will increase your properties value.

Key studio office in garden

Key Studio

It’s almost impossible to quantify exactly how much money your property can increase in value by, but several articles I have read recently show some very interesting points for consideration:

  • First is the fact that gardens are increasingly being viewed as extra ‘living rooms’ and estate agents are fully aware of this and are most definitely using them as a selling point.
  • According to this article Mark Haywood, president of the National Association of Estate Agents, says: ‘Potential buyers want to imagine themselves relaxing in the garden. It sounds a cliche, but it is an extra room.’ He goes on to say that by spending a few thousand pounds on a feature such as a patio with barbecue or hot tub, homeowners can add £10,000 to a home’s value. If that’s the case a real room in your garden must add much more!

How a Garden Room can add value to your home, Garden Studio,

Research carried out by Enterprise Nation back in 2007 showed that having a home office or garden office can increase the value of your property by at least £25,000.

They carried out a comparison of house prices, in association with Homefinder UK, which confirmed that it really does pay to work from home. The increases in property values ranged from the smallest differential of £2,450 through to a huge £80,000. To be clear that was an £80,000 difference in the amount being offered for two similar houses located in the same area; one with a home office and the other without. And that was back in 2007.

Now I’m not privy to the exact comparisons made, but it seems logical that garden rooms such as our Smart Garden Offices are likely to add more value than a spare room or an under-stair space that has been converted into an office.

Garden Rooms – even if it’s just a small garden pod, adds extra square footage to your property.  And with much less expense and hassle than building an extension or converting a loft.

Of course, to make the most of this it’s a good idea to make sure your garden office is a real asset.

Before you purchase think about what type of building will suit the type of house you live in, a very modern structure in a traditional house can look odd – and vice versa!

If you’re interested in investing in a SMART Garden Room, then you can request our print catalogue which shows our 7 varied ranges and many features. Our Garden Rooms come in over 60 different sizes, with traditional and modern designs.