Explore Our SMART Lighting Options
26 February 2019

Explore Our SMART Lighting Options

Garden Rooms & Lighting Options

Our SMART Garden Rooms are specifically built to allow you to curate and personalise your garden room, man cave, orangery or studio, to reflect your personality, style and requirements. We’re all about making sure your dream room is all about…YOU!

That’s right; each and every corner! And since we’re currently in the midst of winter with long dark nights seeming to go on forever, we thought now is a great time to really showcase just how much you can personalise your SMART Garden Room with lighting.

Lighting on Belle Range Garden Rooms

Belle Range Lighting

There’s so much more choice than you think when it comes to lighting options and just how it can create a room that truly feels unique to you – so from exterior drop lanterns to dimmer switches, we explore the many ways you can use lighting to add just a little bit more magic to your SMART.

Your SMART Garden Room is, of course, by its very nature, in your garden, meaning you’ll most likely be able to see your room from your house. We’ve spent a lot of time on our stunning seven ranges and ensuring they are a true wonder to look at; however, lighting can also add a really lovely touch to the design too.

Portico Spotlights

This option is exclusive to our Ultra range and has a great effect on making the Ultra come to life at night. Not only are they handy and practical for when you’re leaving the studio, but they also highlight the beautiful portico design feature, adding depth to the building and letting you show of your truly stunning Ultra day and night.

Portico Lighting

Portico Lighting

PIR sensor

This modern chrome cast light allows you to have security, style and sensibility all rolled into one. With a smooth modern finish, it looks great on our Key or Belle, to add a lovely up lighting effect to the building, plus for those looking for extra peace of mind the sensor is an additional security feature.

Drop Lantern

This more traditional lighting is great for our rustic Suffolk Barn or Original Classic, perfect to add another little splash of charm to the Garden rooms without being too intrusive, a calming effect across the building of old school style, is class through and through.

Step inside into your SMART Room and you’ve got even more options, and a real opportunity to have your say on the practicality and style of the room.

Suffolk Barn Lighting


Our spotlighting is a great way to add a modern feel to the room, making the whole space feel bigger. The switches for these spotlights can placed to your preference, meaning if you’d like a switch at the door for when you’re on your way out, or if you’re hard at work at your desk you can have them placed right by you. It’s all about you and making life easier.

Garden Room Internal Spotlights


Chrome adjustable light fittings

Our sleek light fittings allow for flexibility way after installation is complete, leaving the control in your hands. If you’re using the room as a multipurpose space, or not quite sure of the set up, then our adjustable light fittings mean you can move the bulbs to suit, and adjust the lighting, perfect if you’re and artist or photographer.

Really, when it all comes down it, our options are all about making your room, completely yours, and putting the power in your hands when it comes to design, just the way it should be!

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