A Romantic Guide to Staying Cosy in Your SMART Garden Room
21 March 2019

A Romantic Guide to Staying Cosy in Your SMART Garden Room

Garden Rooms – Perfect For Date Night Ideas

Date nights are the perfect way to cosy your way through the colder months and enjoy some time together. So, if you’re a proud owner of a SMART Garden Studio or thinking of getting in touch, here are some of the many ways your SMART Garden Rooms can help you beat the chilly weather – by cosying up and getting romantic!

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Movie Night

Turn your SMART into a movie theatre and take some time to cosy up with warm fluffy blankets, heavenly snacks (Don’t forget the over-indulgence, you both deserve a treat!) and put on an old classic or a new film to enjoy together. All of our sizes allow for room a plenty to snuggle up in front of a TV. Our sturdy thick walls even allow enough strength to fix a TV bracket to the wall if you’re planning to make movie date night a regular occurrence.

Dinner With a View from your Garden Rooms

If you’re looking for a date night with a twist then you can take your dinner to your garden room and enjoy a meal with a view. Depending on how brave you are… even eat on the decking! However, if you’re staying inside, our Ultra would be a perfect dinner with a view – especially if you’ve opted for your bi-fold doors and windows.

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Time to Talk

Sometimes simple is best; if you just need some time to catch up and relax, a SMART is the perfect way to get away from the distractions around the house and just set aside some time for each other!

A New Hobby

The ultimate way to have some time together and learn something new is by using your SMART as the place for your new hobby. Perhaps your SMART Belle is the place to get artistic? Or your Key is the room to learn your new musical instrument? Whatever hobby you choose, having your own dedicated SMART Garden Room is the perfect way to stick to that hobby and spend some quality time with your other half.

Whatever you plan to do with your SMART Garden Room, our seven stunning ranges offer a variety of styles to match any couple. What’s more, you can configure your chosen style to make it the perfect fit for you both too – from choosing the location of the window and doors, to interior and exterior lighting options… your SMART Garden Room is all about making sure it’s a room you simply can’t wait to get home to!

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