5 Versatile Garden Room Ideas
08 August 2018

5 Versatile Garden Room Ideas

Garden rooms can be far more than just a quiet place away from the house to sit and relax. One of the best things about them is how versatile they are – the applications are only limited by your imagination. As our lives and interests evolve over time, creating a space that can be used for various functions is essential. Here, we look at five of the most popular uses for new garden rooms.

Art Studio / Hobby & Craft Room

Having your own workspace to create art or work on your craft or hobby gives you the option to set your studio up just the way you want it. You are free to be as creative as you like – surrounded by nature and with few distractions.

If you’re a professional artist, having a creative space at the end of your garden means no more travelling to an expensive rented studio. It will also free up space in the house that was previously used for cumbersome and messy art equipment.

Gym or Yoga Studio

With membership fees now averaging £500-600 a year, you can turn your garden room into a home gym or yoga studio and save a considerable amount by working out in your garden. Just purchase several of your favourite machines, weights or a yoga mat and you’re well away!

Having your own gym at home means you won’t have to queue to use your favourite machine or attend overcrowded classes. It also provides the option to work out conveniently, privately and in your own time – and there’s no rushing to get off machines.

Binkys Garden Gym

Peaceful Garden Room

Our garden rooms are often used as a secluded retreat away from the noise, distractions and responsibilities of the house.

Create a peaceful environment with comfy seating, ambient lighting and calming décor where you can relax, read, nap and simply take some time to yourself. Remember, you’re surrounded by nature in your garden, so it’s an ideal place to watch the birds and breathe in the fresh, clean air.

She-Shed/Man Cave

In today’s modern world the stresses of work or household noise (TV, constant phone ringing, kids, partner, etcetera.) can quickly get on top of you. It’s important to have your own space to simply ‘get away from it all’.

Whether you want a She-Shed or a Man-Cave, you can create your own space with some comfortable seating to chill out and read a book, play video games, listen to music or do something else you enjoy.

Garden Office

And, last but not least, a lot of people use our garden rooms as their home office. Your garden room physically separates you from your house, meaning no noise, distractions or annoying marketing calls. This allows you to concentrate fully on your work. Leaving the house and entering your garden office creates a mental division, allowing you to gain a ‘work-orientated’ state of mind.

All your important paperwork and documents are safe, secure and organised in one place – and not kept in various ‘safe places’ round the house, so are far less likely to go missing.

If you need to meet clients, a beautiful garden office will also create a far better impression than if you were to meet with them in your house with all your clutter.

SMART Garden Office Interior

Whatever you want to use your garden room for, SMART – Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios offer a huge range of options suitable for a wide variety of uses, including the ones listed above. To discuss your requirements, speak to one of our friendly team today on 01359 271942 or by clicking here.