Dreading the thought of moving? Look no further... Garden offices, rooms, art studios and living spaces created for you and your family...
06 June 2017

The garden extension – The alternative to moving or extending.

You’ve watched countless new stories about the housing market, you’ve looked on Zoopla again, there’s nothing out there. You love your beautiful home, but your family, your lifestyle, your work has simply outgrown all that room you once had.


It’s expensive, can be stressful, and there’s far too many boxes involved. Moving home really is a tricky business. Sometimes it’s the only answer, however, we offer an alternative, that is far more cost effective, flexible and allows you to stay put, it sounds far too good to be true, so where’s the catch? Well, you’ve got some decisions to make.



Our garden rooms offer you the chance to add more room to your home, with the flexibility, of choosing your design, size & style…

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