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 The Interior of the Suffolk Barn offers a fantastic space for all home owners looking for a bit more room. With solid timber rafters, and a versatile configuration, you can turn the Quarto into the room you’ve been dreaming of!




Not only can you personalise the interior the exterior can be adapted to suit your preferences too.  With the option of a high line roof and decking, you can adapt the interior and exterior to make a truly unique Suffolk Barn Quarto.




InstallationThe Suffolk Barn Quarto is the second largest building in our range and still takes just 2-3 days to install.




Suffolk Quinto

Pricing from £17,335

If you’re looking for a bit more space, the Suffolk Quinto is the largest in our range.

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Our Ultra Range.

Pricing from £6,990

If the Smart Suffolk Barn isn’t quite what you had in mind, take a look at our Ultra Range.

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