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 Although the Extro is designed for long and thin gardens, it’s interior doesn’t suffer with the consequences. Still offering a light and spacious room with plenty of extras. All of our offices are built to be comfortable all year around, that’s 365 days of the year whatever the weather.




Library-ThumnailWe love seeing just what our customers turn their Smart Offices into, and the Extro has always been a building full of potential. We’ve seen some great projects with the Extro come to life, from library’s to craft rooms, the list is endless.




Installation-thumbnailWe love knowing we have some of the most talented and expert joiners and craftsmen working with us. It takes them just 2-3 days to construct the Extro!




Suffolk Duo

Pricing from £10,340

The Suffolk Duo measures 3.2m x 3.2m making it the perfect two person office.

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Suffolk Trio

Pricing from £12,585

If you’re looking for something with a bit more room the Trio may be just perfect for you!

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