How a SMART Garden Office Can Help Reduce Stress
13 February 2019

How a SMART Garden Office Can Help Reduce Stress

Working The Right Way from a SMART Garden Room

It’s not news that getting outside, being active and around nature can help how we all feel. However, with work, family, friends and especially during the winter months, finding the time to get outside can become increasingly difficult.

One of the fantastic benefits of using our SMART Garden rooms as a Smart Garden Office, is being able to find the time to spend more time with, around or in nature, which in turn could find you feeling a lot less stressed!

Beautiful Garden Rooms on Cornwall Coast

Getting Outside

It’s in the name – our garden rooms are created for your garden, a work space that is by design outside and separate from the house. This being so, means by working in our spaces you will automatically find yourself in a more relaxing, nature-based and stress-free environment. No hustle and bustle of a busy office; no city smog or noise; simply a space that is dedicated to your work – designed your way, surrounded by nature.

Goodbye Commute… Hello Working from my Garden Room

Your commute will quickly become a thing of beauty too, unless we’re building a SMART on acres of land, a quick 10-second walk to your garden office and you’re there. Rush hour truly is history! And for the first time ever, you may find yourself taking the time to enjoy your commute, from having a coffee before you get into the office on your SMART Garden Office deck, walking the long way round or simply taking the time to enjoy your new stress-free commute to work, you’ll quickly find getting to work and back, a stress free part of your day. An effortless way to feel calmer.

Easy Way to Take a Break

We can all be guilty of this sometimes, and we know it doesn’t help our mental wellbeing by eating at our desks, or even working straight through lunch. Now you’ve got an easy route to get outside and enjoy a break from the screen; open the door and you’re outside, a quick walk around, or maybe even a dedicated space in the garden to enjoying your lunch break is the perfect way to add a bit of time for you into the working day.

Rhianne & Ollie Enjoying their new space

Your Garden Room Space – Inside & Out

Home comforts and familiar surroundings all induce a sense of calm in our busy lives, so working in space you designed, for you, will help remove the corporate feel from work and allow for that personal touch, instilling a sense of familiarity and calm. What’s more, step outside and you’re still surrounded by your space. The perfect way to work – in a place you feel comfortable and relaxed.

A Break From it All

Perhaps you’ve been working in the spare bedroom for too long or you’re finding your laptop is following you everywhere, your new SMART Garden Office can create a space where you can leave it all behind. You won’t find yourself forever aware of your office in your house and you’ll have somewhere to leave the laptop behind knowing it’s secure and safe – confident you can officially switch off and take a break.

Garden Rooms

More Time

When you do the maths, it really does all come together. Take away the commute, the office distractions and lack of a lunch break, and you’ll soon find you have more time. More time to be outside, to enjoy nature. More time in the mornings and evenings without sacrificing the time you spend working. The perfect equation for relieving stress and finding time for you.

(Sorry if we’ve got you dreaming of binning the commute and enjoying relaxing lunch breaks!)

However, we can help!

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